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  1. There been a Lot of Changes . You can't remove out lines from around text. You can't adjust outline of text colors. All colors are supposed to be a Contrasting Color on Dark Background Outlines should be light, on Light background they should be Dark. Even some of the menu choices are gone at one time there was a Colored square with an Outline That is missing. For a while my Preference was Skitch but there are others Sucks as MonoSnap, SnapDrag, SnagIt Mac, Voila. All have unique Features most do more than Skitch. If Evernote: Doesn't watch out and keep feature set up. Then Skitch will end up with Great promise and become but a footnote in History. My advice to Evernote is download all these other snapshot utilities and see what they have got going for them and create something that will smoke all of them. Voila will be the one really to beat because it can do not only snapshots but also Video That can converted to vimeo HTML5 Videos which don't look fuzzy and out of focus.
  2. https://www.evernote.com/l/AIYD7ZA_xH1EU6fKa2DxSXjEYY3045gYIVgB/image.png http://monosnap.com/image/bOJScGpQ34NZbbBeVvlHWy3EB8cG6b I haven't used Skitch in a while . But, didn't didn't we use to have the ability to Change the color of The outline around Text or remove outline altogether. For example Text that is Green, Yellow and Orange have a Black outline all the rest are white. There is no ability now to change background (outline color) to desired Color In most cases with a Light Background (or canvas or whatever), outline should always be a dark (contrasting) color while on a Dark Background (canvas) outline should be a Light color (also contrasting. And in Most cases you don't need or want a Background for Text. In previous versions We had the ability to change or turn those off. What happened?
  3. You have a Possible Corrupt Preference File Or Corrupt file in the Skitch Directory in Application Support. l look for something like: com.skitch.skitch.plist ~(home)/Library/Preferences Look for Skitch Folder in ~/Library/Application Support. Oh if you have Lion/Mountain Lion click on Go menu in Finder while holding the control key down.
  4. You can't, the only program that will do That is either Jing or SnagIt. But SnagIt is Shareware and lacks the Drag feature in Skitch.
  5. You do know They make a SnagIt version for Mac. Snagit has a disadvantage in that there no way to Drag a copy from the Window like you can in Skitch. Skitch has the disadvantage you mention. Plus you can't make shot of a menu and submenu as deep as there is sub menus like Snagit. Now that evernote owns it, if you create snapshots Like I do for Forums I answer questions on you would eat up the 2GB free limit on Evernote. The most realistic limit is 5GB and that is 60 bucks a year. On the Skitch server which they are determined to shut down there is not limit size, just a limit on time on the server. So Have both Skitch, and Snagit, I also have Jing (which also creates movies) , and a movie clip creator/editor called Camtasia. So I end up with several to overcome deficiencies of all. The ideal program would be (even if it was for pay program) have screen shots with ability to take screenshot of menu items as far as deep as the menu choices goes. Create and edit screenshot movies with ability edit, and be able to Drag from window into whatever email window or Forum windows
  6. Come on now, Safari is not the only Browser on the Planet. I rarely if ever use Safari. My Browsers of Choice are SeaMonkey and FireFox. However I use to check my Web site when I add something to it: FireFox, SeaMonkey, Camino, OperaNext, Opera, Omniweb, Chrome, iCab, Aurora, and Safari. Because I use a Mac I don't use IE. However counting IE there is only 4 web engines in use, Safari, iCab and other use Webkit. FireFox, SeaMonkey, Camino, Omniweb Opera GECKO, Crome uses their own and IE does as well. And another another feature missing Or at least I Can't get to work, is clicking a menu and then sub-menus. I can make shot of either the menu or submenu but not both. here is an sample using a another product: http://www.screencast.com/t/Grmaq7OVY57
  7. I can do cross-hair and fullscreen. But when go to Frame Shift command 7 everything is transparent an you can't get out (usually hitting the esc key will kill something you want to get out of) without shutting down skitch and restarting.
  8. The only way to Drag and Drop in a web Browser/Email is to sign up a Microsoft for a LiveID account then in SkyDrive, drag the image into the photograph directory. Then select it and choose original and drop into the place where you want it see below an example. doesn't work with any cloud based or other Image program such as Flikr and similar. Should be able to just drag and drop anywhere. Of course Skitch beat others such as SnagIt. They don't even have the Drag feature.
  9. Do you have skitch setup to save as .jpeg? try having skitch set up to save as .png instead. insert in Mail and send to a PC user you know. See what it shows up as.
  10. Sure draw The box using the box tool. the switch to paint tool and choose color fromPallet Hover over the box create and click. Box will be filled in: see the box I created in this screen shot using skitch.
  11. I just updated to the new version of Skitch. I am not to crazy about the switching to the evernote server. I am finding several issues. You can see for yourself. One is the Skitch Screenshots are not segregated to their own area. I got evernote as a means to park notes I wished to keep. and paste or share on occasion. I got skitch as a means to make screenshots That I use in sveral online Forums I answer question in, Ask questions, or show error messages. I do those daily. and often for several hours a day. So in the free Account or minimum account I fear Iwould end up using my monthly allotted space. Skitch and others similar like Jing or SnagIt keep six months worth then roll of the oldest. Jing did have a Pro version that dismissed the ads but only cost $15.00 a Year. Next issue when I make a screnshot with skitch using the skitch server and click share the share window comes up showing thumbnail of the shared item you click copy, as soon as you cliked copy link the window disappears. IF I have set to use the Evernote server. No amount of clicking on copu dismisses the share window. you have to dismiss the entire screenshot and everything. Next issue: The Skitch server create nice tight managble URL's for pasted links. Evernote on the other hand is so long that in some forums I post in the link is actually broken into parts and in some cases in some forums these links the part shown line below part with the http is broken (inactive) Finally I noticed an irritating feature even from first version: when you finished and dissmiss the screenshot window. Each to you open a new window such as switch pages in a web browser or go to a new application or open a Utility. or close everything up the window pops open of it own accord.
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