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  1. There been a Lot of Changes . You can't remove out lines from around text. You can't adjust outline of text colors. All colors are supposed to be a Contrasting Color on Dark Background Outlines should be light, on Light background they should be Dark. Even some of the menu choices are gone at one time there was a Colored square with an Outline That is missing. For a while my Preference was Skitch but there are others Sucks as MonoSnap, SnapDrag, SnagIt Mac, Voila. All have unique Features most do more than Skitch. If Evernote: Doesn't watch out and keep feature set up. Then Skitch will end up with Great promise and become but a footnote in History. My advice to Evernote is download all these other snapshot utilities and see what they have got going for them and create something that will smoke all of them. Voila will be the one really to beat because it can do not only snapshots but also Video That can converted to vimeo HTML5 Videos which don't look fuzzy and out of focus.
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