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  1. The latest Evernote Android app (v 5.0) also has the same issue. Copying a link from the desktop app for a note that belongs to a joined notebook and opening it shows the error "Note not found" even though I can see that it has been downloaded and synced.
  2. Hi, User A has shared a notebook with user B, If an already existing tag in the user A's account is added to a shared notebook's note, then the getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk(with a previous update sequence number) for the user B is not getting the updates of a new tag. How to find that a new tag is added to that linked notebook while syncing for the user. Thanks, Anurag
  3. the xhtml which i am getting from api is not escaping html entities like < , > or & which is inside a <p> tag
  4. Hi, Today i got "Bad Status: HTTP/1.1" exception for lot of users for one hour time, was there any problem at evernote's end. I never got this error before. -- Anurag
  5. hi, I am getting "could not refill buffer" exception for getNoteContent and getResourceText request for a specific note and resource for few users. It is happening everytime for that specific note or resource. Other notes and resource are been downloaded for that user without any issue. Any help is appreciated Thanks, Anurag
  6. Could not refill buffer

    hi, @baumgarr, i am also getting the same error when i am trying to download a specific note content using getnotecontent. Upto this point sync is working correct and the strange part is that it is happening to very few users only! Were you able to find any solution to this problem?