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  1. Why not click on the notebook for uncompleted task, and then click on the tag that you need. It won't give you a number of unfinished task, but then again, I personally try not to concentrate on the number and just keep working at them one by one.
  2. Mary Beth, your photo should go into your default notebook. You can change which notebook is your default notebook on your desktop software by right clicking on the notebook and clicking properties then selecting to make it the default notebook.... Assuming your on a Windows machine that is... on the android based app, once you have uploaded your note if you go into the evernote app, find the note and click the little down arrow in the upper right hand of the screen there is an option named "move to notebook" which will let you select the notebook you want to move it into. Personally, I have a notebook named !Inbox I made this my default notebook. This way if I'm on the go I can keep snapping shots and uploading items and then sort them on the desktop client when I get back to my laptop. Hope this helps!
  3. Try this link. I recently used it to get my GTD system up and running, and then did just a little bit of customizing from there. Hope this helps... www.thesecretweapon.org
  4. Personally, I'm on the go a lot! I work two full time jobs and going paperless for me is a must! Because I'm usually on a laptop having two monitors is difficult for me. Remember the windows shortcut keys of Alt+Tab these will switch between windows that are open. If you are just going back and forth between two windows it will rotate between only those two. Other than that, I have learned some shortcuts for copy and paste such as Ctrl C for copy, and Ctrl for Paste. Hope this helps!
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