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  1. Just a final thought then: Is there a setting to turn off the tag count indicator? That way the superfluous number won't bother me.
  2. Woh, guys! Thanks for the very fast and helpful responses. Much appreciated. I'm new, and trying to create my perfect working environment. I understand that it'll take time, and I'll need to tweak it occasionally. Your advice will help me do that. Cheers, Adam
  3. Hi all, I've set up two workbooks: "Tasks" and "Completed Tasks". I use a number of tags to sort my tasks, and want to use the number referenced next to the tags to know how many of those particular tags I have left to process. When a task is complete, I move it to the "Completed Tasks" workbook. The problem is, the number against the tags doesn't change. Is there any way I can perform this kind of action, and when a task is moved to a completed workbook, the tag count changes? I'm a newbie, so appreciate that I may have missed something glaringly obvious. Please go easy on me. Thanks, Adam
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