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  1. When I reinstalled, the dialogue box appeared showing the download progress of my notes. Then after it was complete, I noticed some notes were missing, and Evernote started Syncing... Looking at this and the size of my Evernote application support folder, it appears that Evernote is downloading all of my notes twice.
  2. I had to completely delete Evernote and reinstall.
  3. This new version of Evernote for Mac is very, very good. I love the cleaner interface and I can each time I see a change in UI, I totally see the reason for it. Nothing but praise so far.
  4. Will Evernote 5 for Mac support Selective Syncing of Notebooks?
  5. Evernote used to actually do this, on the Mac at least. I really miss this feature. It made so much more sense with regards to workflow.
  6. Does anyone have a script that will do the following: 1. Attach selected Evernote note/pdf to new email in Mail.app 2. Set the subject to the title of the note This is how I wish the built in share by email feature worked in Evernote but it only lets you send from one email account (I also have a business email account I have to send documents from) and it set the subject of the email as the name of the attachment, not the note. Cameron
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