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  1. these red dots with numbers in them were driving me nits - yes it is annoying.... but then I learned it is the number outstanding of reminders still  counting down - well I was still not convinced it is something I want on my devices - but I can live with it - I do have some set up to the year 2024 - but I set the reminder - I should have an option to see this red dot thing or not.

    but at the least an explanation of what it is without having to go online to figure it out.


  2. from writing songs, movie scripts, DIY projects around the house, keeping life in general organized, I would love to see the ability after adding a note to set multiple reminder dates all within one app - Evernote! (yes I need an extra push sometimes as I can get off track on different projects)

    talk about a time saver?

    it falls within the spirit of the app and its users....!

    I may be wrong, but now I have to reset a reminder every time it actuates?

    Daily - weekly - monthly would be awesome as choices, along with annually for some.

    and a "stop" button as well - to kill all future reminders.




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  3. Wow I had completely forgot about the voice to text feature...


    was bored and searched for it, and found this thread.


    really pays to re-visit the boards and features that EN has.


    I have the android platform and initially could not see the "Voice to text option"


    but from visiting thread links from above I did some time on my Note 3 and discovered installing one one the widgets

    allowed me to choose "Voice to text" or VTT from now on


    I was skeptical and threw it some curve balls when dictating, and to my surprise, it was right on the money!

    Except for the blues songs I sometimes dictate, scurvy is translated as Dirty, which is no big deal...


    very cool - 


    here is what I did, in case someone has trouble...


    I installed the "Evernote widget GRID 4x1" on a blank screen page

    it is in black and white on my phone - this one allows me to scroll thru the selections to see and pick VTT. along with many other options to choose from.


    the other quick one ":Evernote widget small 4x1"  which is a green bar or a Black and white option = also allows me to have the VTT on that menu bar if I so choose

    but, as my last icon I choose to have the settings option there.


    all in all just another great feature to have.


    now I just need to figure out how to translate a voice recording to a text..

  4. it just drives me nuts - when annotate is selected - 


    I wish there was just the normal "selection tool" like the arrow cursor in photoshop.


    a Font size etc bar like the one above in this reply topic box.


    why the outlined text?

    I just want ot normal

    then I have to do all kinds of stuff to size it etc...


    I do use it but would rather not - and this should be a no brainer - I should be able to use with out interrupting my flow of work.

  5. I have been taking many photos lately and using skitch to mark them up - Frustrated every time with skitch - would like to see a simple text box function - and a select/grab and move tool option (pointer and hand)...


    But my data usage seems rather high - does Skitch when appending the marked up image re-save the entire image and increase my usage?


    when it should only append the image?


    I also would like to see an image reducer and an option to save the original image as is.... I am more than fine with EN shrinking my image to the 72 DPI so it would look great on my screen ( or save the original image but present a 8x6 image thumbnail) with the original image accessible if needed.

  6. Nothing like that exists exactly, but we do have a feature we call Quick Note. You can activate it by clicking on the elephant in your menu bar or clicking CMD-CTRL-N. You can type, paste files/pictures, etc and then continue working. You can add to the note as you like and then save it when you're done.

     I had no idea that existed ! - Thanks


    But having that window have a "Stay on TOP" option would be awesome!!!

    Transparency would make it a Corvette.


    if this option exists in the new windows client - please let me know - is there a multiple window (Note open) option as well?  - of course I want these all to float and be on top too..


    and or maybe a floating small tool bar they are attached to, so I can pull them out to display as needed? then wisk them back to be anchored on that tool bar?

  7. hello - okay found this thread because I had some questions: ( I am a premium user)


    and I am sure this has been beat into ground a few times elsewhere...


    I finally want to share a notebook (I understand what a notebook is)

    now in that Notebook are other notebooks (stacks?).. i am assuming thats what a notebook with other notebooks in them are called?

    so, if I have a "notebook" called Family - with my kids names in the subnotebooks as follows








    I won't be able to share Family with them and they would ALL see ALL the folders above?


    I would only be able to share a Notebook called "Family" with no other notebooks to be seen?


    and that would be the definition of no stacks can be shared?

    is that true with business members as well?


    thank you for your time and responses.... MD


    _ premium user

    - using the 3 notebook method with tags, to eliminate the to many notebooks mess (i had to re-organize just recently- as it was out of hand)


    notebooks I have:

        -inbox       (my renamed default folder to process notes)

        -work        ( ha, I am retired, so there is nothing here, but you never know!)

        -Personal (302 notes)


    want to start and share a notebook(s) with my family - trying figure that out.

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