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  1. This has been reported in other posts, but just want to throw out there that the latest 6.25 evernote still has this bizarre issue where the program struggles or something when syncing and pushes me allllll the way to the bottom or top of my note. Please fix this!
  2. I miss the F7 spell check. I was so surprised to realize they took it out. I mean, it knows when you spell something wrong while you type, and it USED to have a dedicated spell check tool. Can we get it back? Otherwise, manually fixing words is a pain. Or then why wouldn't I use Word then, lol.
  3. Yes I tried a trial. That program will work only if I split the file up. I dumped the 298 page file directly to scrivener, didn't work.
  4. Nice. Yeah I will definetly use internal note links to chain them together. I guess now that I think about it, even ebook readers never try to show an entire book at once, they go page to page, lol.
  5. Yeah, Evernote is clearly NOT designed for writing books. Lol. Splitting up the note into two smaller notes fixed it. Note apps do not equal word processors.
  6. Yeah I will just string the note pieces together using internal links and tags. The note with the issue was 298 pages long according to Word.
  7. A few more updates. I just tried Onenote. It can't really handle large notes either, it slows down too, so pass. Word actually runs well, if you use the default Print Layout mode. If i switch to web layout, Word changes and the note takes up more of the page. it shockingly looks similar to evernote at full screen when you open a note in a new menu! But alas, when typing in my large note in web layout, there is some slowdown too. So basically, if there is a way to get evernote to show just page by page or like word's print layout mode, performance would probably improve. My amat
  8. The database restore let's my program actually work, no fatal crashes. However, the program still freezes up frequently. Basically, it can't even handle me casually typing, it slows down constantly.
  9. You would be better off using chat support, where you can talk to evernote employees, lol
  10. True, it could have been caused by windows update. There are so many windows updates every month.. I have not tried system restore yet to see if that plays a role though.
  11. My HDD is actually 75% full (I guessed 85% previously), but I will go through using windirstat to look for things I can remove. I turned off the search service, thanks! Yes my disk usage will get to 100% using evernote and sometimes other programs. Not sure why. My HDD is 4% fragmented, would that be an issue?
  12. Oh OK. I tried two versions ago on filehippo. My disk is decently full, 80 to 85% full, but check disk did not find any issues. I also used SMART statistics, no problems there. They did not fix the issue, using an older version.
  13. I just rebuilt the database. It was at 2GB. I use Windows 10. I am not a coder, but i suspect that somewhere in the coding of Evernote for Windows, they changed how the program handles accessing the hard drive and handling freezes. I prefer their soft reset or however the program functioned in the past, say 3 months ago, where it would reload itself in the taskbar and magically shift from the left to the right of the taskbar. Weird for sure, but better than an actual long or permanent freeze. Last time I tried to rebuild the database it made it corrupted because it failed partway,
  14. Hi, I keep having issues with Evernote for Windows (I use the latest and have tried slightly older versions too, (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)) locking up and not responding indefinitely while I work on a large note. Only fix i found so far has been to remove all Database folder contents to force the program to rebuild the database, but I hope this is an issue that can be fixed in a future update. So far I can only gather that the program gets tripped up by the database file and/or syncing. My amateur opinion is that in prior versions, evernote would just restart it
  15. True, in the future if I have laptop issues I will consider an SSD. I am just hoping the Evernote staff will see this and fix anything causing the problem within their software. All my other programs run fine on my computer, I ran SMART on my hdd and it all came back fine, so I figure something in the program coding ultimately caused this in the first place. My current solution was force the program to completely rebuild my Database.
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