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  1. I had my old EN version 4.xx and never missed anything, straightforward, simple, fast to operate, stable (more or less).Yesterday EN suddenky was upgraded to a current version, maybe I accidentally hit an update button in the appstore, I ignore how... Anyway, I tried it for a few hours: List view of notes was back, but it felt like an afterthought, whereas in 4.x it was just the way it seemed to be made.... To make it short, I reinstalled my old 4.x and will use it as long as it works. I am a premium user, for me EN is the most important working tool, which is why I donot wish for a fancy tool with animations, extra (note) windows opening, side bars (not snippet list) shift left and right, just a simple, clear UI that works. The PC version does not have these strange new design experiments, but the iOS versions after V4 seemed a big step back in useability. In general, I mainly work with my iPad, no fancy stuff needed here... Funny enough, I also happen to still use iOS 5.1. I do not like the iOS 7 design, which I find visually too abstract, more difficult for the eye to get a grip on things. Luckily I can resist to the "update virus" most of the time. Bernie
  2. I am by no means an iTunes specialist, but with a few advices of a few guys here I was able to do the following: In the Apple/ iTunes directory on your harddisk there might be an older version of EN that you have updated - like a backup, but I forgot where it was. I had to look for a while until I found it. Then you have to connect your iPad, go into iTunes and drag and drop the older version onto the Apps page of your iPad. iTunes will give out a warning that you are about to replace a newer version by an older and there you go. Since I stepped back to 4.xx I have never looked back ever since. EN 4.x simply does what it should do and doesn't step in the way. Just great! On the other hand I have to say that I am pretty pleased by the latest version for PC. Together with the fantastic tool "Evernote clearly" I'd say productivity has gone up clearly. Very good evolution. However I don't understand what the EN team is up to on the mobile platforms. Not my cup of tea. Good luck.
  3. Hi, because of my satisfaction I still use an old EN version 4.x for iOS. I use the app daily at work since 2,5 years on my iPAD 2, where i also still have installed iOS 5.x. While a lot of users find this ununderstandable and live from update to update, I act by the simple old truth: Never change a running system. Both iOS (with a few annoyances) and EN do exactly what I want and work reliably. When EN 5 for iOS came out, I updated - in a moment of juvenile curiosity - to V5 and was completely frustrated, till I discovered a way to go back to V4 with a few iTunes tricks. Since that moment (last autumn) I never looked back, EN just does exactly what I want, list view etc... Each time I look at the forums here or at the ratings in the iOS App Store I feel confirmed when I see how bad ratings and how many complaints new versions (like V7) of EN get. So my question: Should I decide to upgrade my iPAD to iOS 7, will this EN version (4.x) still work with iOS 7? I have to know before, because I will most likely not be able to step back to iOS 5 after upgrading to iOS 7. Using the old version, I also don't have to look at any ads or market sections, or "news" or whatever new is invented to entertain the masses. I use EN almost exclusively for my work, and meanwhile have quite a large amount of information that is the base for my daily work. I think there should be a sleek and sober "Business" version of Evernote that is simple, without fancy gadgets, colourful stuff, just very effective and with a configurable GUI. I'd easily pay 10, 20 bucks for it if they made this available. 20 bucks is nothing for a tool that just works. A free app is worth nothing if it takes aways well proven features, changes a well received Gui frequently, and adds features (like market etc.) that few users want. Thanks Bernie
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