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  1. Me too I was a bit shocked when I first opened the new iPad version of Evernote. All in all, too much experimentation, not clear and simple enough, and NO, I do not want to change my start page. The new app is sloooow, cluttered view etc. Apple Notes gets better every year, but is not quite there yet (no web clipper in particular), but it is streamlined, intuitive, simple. All which Evernote is less and less. The art is not to add plenty of new features, but to add useful features that are simple to use. Which is why I never really started to use Notion - you have to have a PhD to understand it. Already I put most of my stuff in Apple notes, because it is so simple and easy to usw. & totally integrated into the Apple Ecosystem. Which Evernote is not. The only thing I really got used to is the WebClipper which alone has been a reason to stay with EN for years now.
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