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  1. I had my old EN version 4.xx and never missed anything, straightforward, simple, fast to operate, stable (more or less).Yesterday EN suddenky was upgraded to a current version, maybe I accidentally hit an update button in the appstore, I ignore how... Anyway, I tried it for a few hours: List view of notes was back, but it felt like an afterthought, whereas in 4.x it was just the way it seemed to be made.... To make it short, I reinstalled my old 4.x and will use it as long as it works. I am a premium user, for me EN is the most important working tool, which is why I donot wish for a fancy tool with animations, extra (note) windows opening, side bars (not snippet list) shift left and right, just a simple, clear UI that works. The PC version does not have these strange new design experiments, but the iOS versions after V4 seemed a big step back in useability. In general, I mainly work with my iPad, no fancy stuff needed here... Funny enough, I also happen to still use iOS 5.1. I do not like the iOS 7 design, which I find visually too abstract, more difficult for the eye to get a grip on things. Luckily I can resist to the "update virus" most of the time. Bernie
  2. I am by no means an iTunes specialist, but with a few advices of a few guys here I was able to do the following: In the Apple/ iTunes directory on your harddisk there might be an older version of EN that you have updated - like a backup, but I forgot where it was. I had to look for a while until I found it. Then you have to connect your iPad, go into iTunes and drag and drop the older version onto the Apps page of your iPad. iTunes will give out a warning that you are about to replace a newer version by an older and there you go. Since I stepped back to 4.xx I have never looked back ever since. EN 4.x simply does what it should do and doesn't step in the way. Just great! On the other hand I have to say that I am pretty pleased by the latest version for PC. Together with the fantastic tool "Evernote clearly" I'd say productivity has gone up clearly. Very good evolution. However I don't understand what the EN team is up to on the mobile platforms. Not my cup of tea. Good luck.
  3. German App Store, current EN version: - 11x 5 stars - 1x 4 stars - 3x 3 stars - 9x 2 stars - 25 x 1 stars (!!!) Seen the success EN has had so far on the note taking market, there doesn't seem to be too much worries of loosing it again. I stay with my rack stable and age old version (4.xx) until I am convinced the newer one gets the job better done.
  4. I am now disciplined enough to withstand to upgrade to new (iOS and app) versions. My iTunes app counter shows me almost 60 apps that could be updated, which I only do when I am dead sure that I will like the new one better or if I absolutely need the new features. Which in general is not the case. My iOS Evernote version is now 4.xx. It works as great as on day one and I do not miss anything. I respect the EN idea and concept, but I cannot understand how often the team changes essential Gui features and caracteristics. As far as I can see, all professionally used programs for the classic computer platforms generally keep essential design features for quite a long time (like 5-1 years) and are quite on the conservative side. A year ago (not even a full year), the iOS 5 update of EN created already a storm of complaints and temporarily made the app store rating drop to 2,5 stars for the (then) current version. Now with EN 7 the same seems to repeat itself. It is beyond me how the team can take the risk to frustrate a large part of the user base with new radical design and functionality changes instead of keeping the whole thing in a way that allows us to use EN as a well known tool that one can operate almost blindly. Or, if the team wants to try out new design features, there absolutely should be a sober and user- configurable "Business version" of EN for people who just want to use a fast, effective and well- known Gui. Bernie
  5. Hi, because of my satisfaction I still use an old EN version 4.x for iOS. I use the app daily at work since 2,5 years on my iPAD 2, where i also still have installed iOS 5.x. While a lot of users find this ununderstandable and live from update to update, I act by the simple old truth: Never change a running system. Both iOS (with a few annoyances) and EN do exactly what I want and work reliably. When EN 5 for iOS came out, I updated - in a moment of juvenile curiosity - to V5 and was completely frustrated, till I discovered a way to go back to V4 with a few iTunes tricks. Since that moment (last autumn) I never looked back, EN just does exactly what I want, list view etc... Each time I look at the forums here or at the ratings in the iOS App Store I feel confirmed when I see how bad ratings and how many complaints new versions (like V7) of EN get. So my question: Should I decide to upgrade my iPAD to iOS 7, will this EN version (4.x) still work with iOS 7? I have to know before, because I will most likely not be able to step back to iOS 5 after upgrading to iOS 7. Using the old version, I also don't have to look at any ads or market sections, or "news" or whatever new is invented to entertain the masses. I use EN almost exclusively for my work, and meanwhile have quite a large amount of information that is the base for my daily work. I think there should be a sleek and sober "Business" version of Evernote that is simple, without fancy gadgets, colourful stuff, just very effective and with a configurable GUI. I'd easily pay 10, 20 bucks for it if they made this available. 20 bucks is nothing for a tool that just works. A free app is worth nothing if it takes aways well proven features, changes a well received Gui frequently, and adds features (like market etc.) that few users want. Thanks Bernie
  6. I was reminded of this discussion by the notification system of the forum, otherwise I completely forgot about the issues discussed here. Can't you go back to Evernote V.4?As I wrote further up, I managed to reinstall V.4 a few days after V.5 came out, and it just does all the things I need. I am also still on iOS 5.1, The appstore notifies me daily that I should update more than 50 apps (most of which I never use anyway) :-) Updating/ upgrading can become a true lifestyle, to wait for the next big thing/ upgrade. I prefer to use what works for me without efofort. EN 4 never needed much effort to use, EN 5 did, therefore I do not use it. While I understand that a company like EN has to offer updates and develop their product, I have no understanding/ acceptance for new versions that make things less fluid and easy. The V5 of the client has been heavily critisized from day one, and yet this apparently hasn't made them bring back some of the things most missed. But maybe one day the old users will have dissappeared and noone will remember how the app used to be before V5... Evernote is my number 1 app for work and also lots of privat information. I like the idea, the multi platform clients, the ability to upload small images (I avoid big ones) made with my iPAD 2 (still my workhorse) etc. What I notice is that all those devices and apps generally tend to make people spend hundreds of hours with the system, not with their actual stuff. What works, works. Doesn' need to look shiny, or have fancy features, useful yes, fancy no. The only way I may consider upgrading to a newer version of EN is when the old version will - one day - no longer work with the server/ database or whatever. Then I will decide whether I upgrade or migrate to a differrent platform. Following the good advice of someone in a forum (I guess here), I stopped making use of the Evernote's tagging system. Why? Because if some day I may want to move/ migrate my notes to some different system, the internal tags will most likely not be understood by the new platform. Instead, I just write all the "tags" into the title of the note. The disadvantage is, that I cannot use a list of tags and search by choosing one, I would have to to simply type my search words into the search function, but I do not see it as a big deal. Anyway I always felt I was spending way too much time with organizing my tags. Hours and hours for something that generally can be easily done by a simple search with the appropriate search words. The important thing is to choose well thought out titles for your notes, and write a few distinctive terms into the title. That said, I hope to be able to go on using EN as long as possible. It is a very useful base for my daily activities, work included and I have copied a considerable part of documents up there. No sensitive information of course, must useful stuff I use often. Roughly 700 or 800 documents so far. Cheers Bernie
  7. High Mike, when I have some time, I will try it, but basically this will be the case when snippets and list view are back. The strong thing about EN4.xx is that it just does what I want to do. Except a few things like ceating Notebooks and sub notebooks. I also mostly use my iPAD as a reader, and I tend to write notes on my PC (V 4 as well).
  8. Hmmm, I chose the easy way: Also not liking EN5 Gui in the days after I installed it, I just stepped back to EN 4.xx. Haven't looked back to V5 ever since. When EN5 UI gets as good as the old EN4, I may start to think about it, but only if my iPAD 2 can run it without problems. Bernie
  9. Wow, after upgrading from iOS version 4.x to 5.0 when V5 came out - without thinking - I immediately felt the need to look on a forum, the experience was so bad that I instantly thought about switching the client (difficult, almost none of them supports editing notes) or the note system alltogether. Very fortunately, I was able - with the help of some nice guys here - to switch back to EN 4.xxxx on my iPAD 2, and once done, I never felt the need to look on the forum again. Evernote 4 is simple and does exactly what I need it to do. Photo notes, text notes, keywords, that's it. EN is currently my no. 1 tool for all my work related stuff (and a good part of the private stuff as well). Never change a running system. As I do not miss anything in EN-4.xx, I won't upgrade as long as this remains possible and is supported. The mere idea of having to change to a newer iPAD because of performance issues sounds ridiculous to me. So, I am glad that EN 4 still is on my iPAD and PC, a perfect working tool. Meanwhile, I try to change the way I write my notes and give them titles (with all the key words in the title) in a way that would allow me to switch platform alltogether if necessary one day. Why make a good product worse and create problems that didn't exist with the old version? Sorry if I sound negative, but I loke functionality and simplicity. Bernie
  10. I agree to the nasty bug when adding tags to notes. I used to do that a lot, the new way is horrible and buggy. The only good way is to make a second line under the title line which alloWs multiple addition of tags separated by a comma. This is fast and efficient, having to click on the info button and then the horizontal black box bug is no alternative. In general the new GUI is less fluid, less simple. What a pity. Looks nice at first view, but the old one was more simple and intuitive. This is not just about clinging to old habits! I hope the tagging Bug is fixed soon, or even better: bring back the old method. Probably the best might be to allow to switch back to the old version. I probably would... Regards, Bernie
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