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  1. I (try to) use EN as a distraction-free text editor. problem is, when i copy-paste the text to <anywhere_else> there are extra line breaks added. I click format > plain text but note still shows options for fonts, sizes, styles, which means it's not plain text. copy-paste to anywhere else, still get 2-for-the-price-of-1 line breaks, eg an extra line break for every one i entered in EN. I've been a pro paid user for YEARS, Evernote, any chance you can provide something as simple as a PLAINTEXT note ? Thanks.
  2. august 2018. same problem, even when i format the note as plain text. ideas ? workarounds ?
  3. My mailing application shows me a counter (mm:ss) of how long i've worked on a particular message, eg how long its window has been in the foreground. This is different to word count or creation/modification date. I'd love to see this in evernote as well. Show this as a number in the bottom of the note and in the stats. Thank you for Evernote - your app is already very good.
  4. Please add the ability to add a password or another form of authentication per-note or per-notebook in order to protect sensitive/personal information. Thanks.
  5. I have some very long notes, and i move between different notes. Whenever i come back to a note, i need to scroll all the way down to add text, or find the position i was at. desired behavior: If possible, allow us to choose if upon opening a note, the cursor moves: 1. to the beginning of the note 2. to the end 3. to the same position i was at when I last visited the note. Allow us to override it for specific notes or notebooks. Evernote is great - let's make it even better. Thanks.
  6. evernote crew, would you please implement the following: Mark note as read-only jump to recent position on note-open jump to beginning or end of notes as default open a set of notes at startup always show note title - main window and individual note window paste as plain text or rich text as default automatically add tags to new notes open a note when i press a shortcut on the shortcut bar (currently it only displays it, doesn't open in new window as it does when clicking the note in the note list. zoom in/out in individual notes, and set default zoom level (very handy on high res and/or laptop displays)
  7. Evernote directors - A business service without proper security isn't a proper business service. If this was a priority, you would have done it already. This is not a feature request but a problem in your service. Workarounds for users who either love EN or are locked-in because they have so much stuff on it: Enable 2 factor authentication Use LastPass or another password manager to keep all your passwords and sensitive info (pain in the ass, but it would protect it for now) Encrypt a part of your hard drive and keep EN databases there set a 1 minute time-out for the screen saver to kick in and require a password to disable it use a security cable for your laptop whenever you are at a public place use biometric authentication for your laptop How about launching a campaign calling evernote to fix this problem ?
  8. for some reason, the forum asks me to login although i'm already loged in to the evernote website, in the same browser tab
  9. please add an option to create a new notebook when moving a note.
  10. i have some long notes. when i open them, i manually need to scroll to the bottom. in other notes, i was writing somewhere in the body of the note, and when i came back to it, didn't know where i was. please have evernote do the following: 1. by default, jump to a. start of note b. end of note c. same location i was when i closed the note 2. ability to override for individual notes/notebooks related request: make the scroll bar thicker
  11. Good job Evertnoe ! this was long due. and great that you're using google authenticator Next - extra access control to individual notes/notebooks ?
  12. please bring back the shortcut toolbar to the top of the window - there's so much free space there.
  13. Same problem here. a note with photos whose size was 61mb, was duplicated 23(!) times, burning my mobile data package (around 10-15euro), evertnote monthly data usage, battery, and time trying to sync. right now, sync goes only one-way, from laptop to iphone. notes i create on the iphone do not appear on my laptop. and the scrolling and text-handling is as bad as always. evernote support ? is there anybody out there reading this thread ?
  14. Importing a pdf into evernote doesn't work, because it just creates a link to the file. What we want is to copy the CONTENT of the pdf into a note. is there an estimate of when this feature will be available ? As a premium evernote user, it is very needed. thanks
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