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  1. Thank you all for your information and suggestions. I am just learning how to best mold this tool to my needs. I think I have decided that for the most part Evernote should not be used for documents that can be changed outside of its walls. When you must you can use JMichael's link idea which works pretty well (remember to shift-click a file to Copy As Path to help with this) but it will not be available outside of that computer. In the future if Evernote could include a Sync to external file feature that would be nice so you can include spreadsheets and other externally sourced documents that regularly change. You could also make that Word doc you edit within EN available to the outside world by syncing the other direction. I know you could do that last part manually right now. - Brad
  2. When you attach an existing file to EN, any changes to that file are no longer reflected in the version in EN. If you open the file from within EN, any changes are made to it's version, not the original file. You end with two copies of the file on your computer, one in it's original location and one in the Attachments folder. Not good. Is there a way to have EN link the original file in its original location and not make it's own copy? I understand that moving the file would kill the link, but having two separate copies is potentially much more confusing and dangerous. Thanks, Brad
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