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  1. Difference is the non-sync'd notebooks are not OCR'd by Evernote and the user is responsible for conducting regular back-ups. You must have at least 1 note inside your default notebook that is sync'd. All other notes can be inside non-sync'd notebooks. Thank you very much! Now a few more questions: (1) Do I have a limit for non-sync notebooks? (2) How can I undertake a backup of my non-sync notebooks?
  2. What is the difference between a synced and a non-synced notebook? Can I have all my notebooks non-synced and save all my data by simply emailing it to a specific email account (such as Gmail)?
  3. Let me just ask you a question: what if I reach my monthly account limit? Does EN stop me from making new notes or can I still make new notes and leave them as a "credit" for next moth's limit? Thank you
  4. hi. welcome to the forums! i am a researcher who uses evernote as well. i've written a few pages on using evernote in academia and using handwriting apps + evernote. http://www.princeton...ofessional.html 1. no. i don't think so. i have one notebook, and several thousand notes, so i guess the notebook limit never bothered me 2. i doubt it. 3. see my site. hope it works well for you! Hi there! Thank you for your reply! Your site is fabulous, I've been reading it and taking a few ideas out of it. The comparison with the similar software is very good albeit there is a problem: most of the free apps do not allow you to organise your notes into categories (such as EN notebooks); in this sense, EN is superior because of its fabulous organisation system. Is is really the best answer to my needs. The limits are the only hassle although I do not think that I'll ever reach them because I mainly use EN for taking written notes although - if I choose to integrate it with the IPAD - the limits may become a bit more serious because apparently these programs export to PDF.
  5. Thank you very much for your reply! I agree that 100.00 notes really is A LOT (albeit 250 notebooks is not so for someone who make research) and quite probably I'll never reach that limit; my only problem is that I really don't like this kind of limitations. I agree that Endnote is perfectly legitimised to impose limits to the online accounts because they are using server space but I do not agree that they may impose limits on my personal computer. It is more of a question of principle. In any case, EN is really an awesome app.
  6. Dear friends: During my professional activity (I lecture in a college), I have to take a number of different notes of meetings, articles, books, seminars, etc. I have been searching for a convenient application to organize my notes for ages and finally I decided to give some attention to Evernote. This really seems the perfect application for me! I am a Mac OS user and I am also planning to buy a tablet (IPad or Android) in order to use it during meetings and at the library and sync it with my macbook. However, I have a few questions I'd like to ask before I decide to buy a tablet. (1) I am aware that Evernote has an account limit of 100.000 notes and 250 notebooks. My question is: can I create more notes / notebooks beyond these limits and choose not to save them in the cloud and opt to email them to a specifically created email or just save them in my HD? (2) Even if I go beyond these account limits, can I still sync them with a tablet device? (3) If I buy a tablet device, can I use a stylus to write notes in Evernote or do I have to type them? I am saying this because I am more used to taking handwritten notes then typed notes during seminars and meetings. Thank you very much,
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