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  1. I sat down and typed out what I am using and plan to use in Evernote for my productivity system. It is heavily based off the keyword and journal system that Grumpy Monkey uses. Again thank you for sharing your system. Here is the link: https://www.evernote.com/pub/jdmcclung/productivity#b=0c9b34de-6cc8-48db-a2e0-c0b6fb6c434d&n=52d8e6df-9a3b-4a75-ab84-4abfedfa3875 Start with the "My System" note as it has the over view. Then each note goes more in depth. Thank you and let me know what you think. Or if you have any suggestions.
  2. @may, No I do not expect someone to explain their whole system to me in a forum post. I was looking more for generalities. I'm hearing so much about GTD, but have little success at it. Does everyone in the forums here use it? If so, then maybe I need to work a little bit harder at trying to understand its processes. As for the book, I'm not sure if that is the best methodology for me. I was hoping to get some varied information on it and other's systems. How does GTD work for you? Are you hardcore GTD or partially use GTD? These questions are not directed specifically at you, but to the general forum as what I was hoping to get out of this thread. About the phases. Do all systems have those same five phases as GTD? I know the basics about GTD, but wanted to see other systems as well. GTD just seems to rigid and complex for me right now. If I was going to write down everything I do and all my projects, I would never get anything done. Do I really need to schedule "wash dishes" every day? As I understand it, GTD was set up for the corporate world. How am I to take that and apply it to my life? I hope this helps you understand what I am looking for. Thanks for the reply.
  3. As I look around the forums and gather up some links and questions, I thought I'd give you guys my use case. I'm a stay-at-home dad. My biggest use in Evernote would be running the household, if that makes any sense. Right now I'm working on getting past statements/bills into Evernote. Of all my bills only one still needs a check wrote every month, one I need to pay every month and the rest are on autopay. All, except the one I write a check for, is paperless. So all the old electronic statements that I've kinda ignored are now being put into Evernote. Soon we are looking to purchase a stove and a deep freeze, I will probably use Evernote here as well as I have seen several mentions of doing this in the forums already. Along with the research, the receipts will also be scanned. I working to be as paperless as possible. Any information that needs remembered is being scanned into a jpg and then shredded. I've seen a lot of talk about scanning to pdf, but little about jpg. I do not (as of yet) have a premium account so I am scanning to jpg to get the search benefits. I'm just finishing up a quarter in college with a lot more head of me. This last week I've used Evernote a couple of time to record some notes. But next quarter, I plan to be using Evernote in my college classes much more extensively. I am taking online classes and if the past two quarters tell me about future classes, I will be downloading my assignments in Word format, doing a worksheet, and uploading the worksheet back up to the website. Not sure how I'm going to incorporate Evernote in this whole process. Any ideas would be welcomed. Well, that's what I see myself using Evernote in the short term. But if you have other uses that are just invaluable to you, please let me know as well.
  4. I've been trying to read as much as I can in the forums here and it seems only one thing that everyone can agree on: productivity is very personal. I've definitively got inspiration from your way of doing things, but I hope to hear others pitch for their system. As I am currently trying to set up my system, now is the perfect time for me to get input from many sources so that I can take what works for me and make my own personal system. Basically, I'n trying to get a discussion going about what everyone uses and why it works for them. Thanks for replying.
  5. Although I've had my Evernote acount for several years, I have never truly used it to its potential. Often I would flip back and forth between OneNote and Evernote to keep notes or information that I did not want to forget. I have also tried several to-do applications, trying to accomplish more that what I am putting down. Recently, I've decided to jump in and use Evernote for both my remembering and my to-do with the goal to go paperless. Ultimately it comes down to Evernote's ability to be access from all my devices. I know the basic functions of Evernote and the general ideas behind GTD. I've included The Secret Weapon (TSW) in the tags because I know nothing about it and could have benefits for my productivity system. I can't put my finger on it, but I've always struggled with getting a GTD system running. It may be that I haven't read the book or that in my case it just won't work. Coming back to Evernote, I wanted to set up a GTD system because I've always heard the benefits of that methodology. I purchased the Evernote GTD ebook by Daniel Gold which helped me understand much more of the GTD methodology and specifically how to apply that to Evernote. However, looking over Daniel's blog, I came across a very interesting article outlining the productivity system of Grumpy Monkey. Immediately his system made sense to me where GTD always seemed to allude my understanding. I was able to quickly implement his system without worrying where I had to be to do such a task or what project this task may fall under. Don't get me wrong, GTD has some wonderful ideas that I intend to use. For example, just do a task if it will take under two minutes. This alone lets me get so much more done. So here I am, trying to set up my personal productivity system. To learn more, I ask you, "What do you use?" Is it a self made system? GTD? TSW? Or some variation?
  6. I have used Evernote off and on for several years now. Recently, I have decided to take the plunge and jump full into Evernote, trying to go paperless or close to it. I am a stay-at-home dad of three children who are still fairly young. While I do not have experience yet as to how Evernote can help me as a parent, I will be glad to relay what I learn as I learn it.
  7. @SmokingKipper, I'm working on a completely different setup, but in regards to your question, I agree with Joshua. I would create a notebook called "Web Design Reference" and put all clipped items in there. If it gets to a point where you can not find (or it take a long time) the information you need then you can think about sub-notebooks or tags.
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