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  1. I'm going to school online and becuase of this I am collecting a lot of digital information mostly in the form of Word documents. I'm also collecting some information from online sources. Once this information is in a Evernote note, what is the best way to take notes on this information. Let's say I've clipped an article into Evernote. Now I need to study and take notes on this article. What is the best way? A couple of ideas off the top of my head. 1. I can write me notes inline with the article. The biggest problem I see with this is differenciating my notes from the article. This would require some sort of formatting that might be tedious. 2. I can create a note link at the top of the article to my "notes" note. Then establish a kind of footnote system where I would put a number behind the sentance I want to make a comment on and then write the comment in the linked note, referencing that number. Depending on the number of notes taken in a single article, it may be tricky to quickly locate my comment. Any other thoughts? Thank you, Johnny McClung
  2. The intitle search feature on the iPad has been removed. I'm not going to sit here and complain about it. However, my whole system for finding notes were based upon that search feature. Does anyone have any suggestions of something I can start to implement so that I can find notes again? I really don't want to do this, but my best thought is to start adding a bunch of tags. Or notebooks. I've enjoyed having few notebooks & tags to keep a clean interface, but I'll do it if it means finding my notes. Any ideas are welcomed. Thank you.
  3. I've used Skitch with some wonderful results recently. However, having the note read-only in Evernote is a big disadvantage for me. Why do I have to go back to Skitch to edit the note attributes? I'd love to be able to edit note title, tags notebook etc in Evernote, but still have the image sync with Skitch.
  4. I've recently started a journal. So far, I've just been writing down (typing) a combination of what happened that day and my thoughts and feelings at the time of writing. I never thought of including my tweets or FB post. That would be part of my life and an interesting addition to a journal. As for what to do with it in the future? I think printing it out would be the last thing that would be needed. In our mostly digital world, many of us are going paperless and the trend will only continue. I say keep it in Evernote. I'm sure people will "find" it just like an only lost (paper) journal.
  5. I've been thinking about starting a journal and I'm trying to decide whether to use Evernote or a program specifically made for writing a journal. I see a few options. - pen and paper - Evernote - blogging - program dedicated to writing a journal Evernote is nice, but it is a jack-of-all-traits kind of software. I was thinking that another program might give me some more functions that would be nice to have in a electronic journal. Does anyone use Evernote? Another program? Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the responses. After a few weeks, I've got a more or less have a system down. I've been pasting all information given to me into Evernote this includes syllabi, reference materials and assignments. I've been turning the assignments into to-dos. When I receive a document that will need to be submitted, I upload to Google Docs and include the link in the appropriate assignment so that I have quick access to the document from my work flow (Evernote). I do not do a lot of research (for now), but took a look at Zotero. It looks pretty interesting and will have to take another look when it comes time. Taking notes will probably be a constant struggle for me. The instructor has supplied a list of "things to know." It appears that the Cornell system will work well with this as I can have the "things to know" on the left, then put the answers on the right side. Any system or trick to help me take notes would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I just finished scanning in a text book for a college class that I am taking. It took awhile, but in the end, I think it is going to make me a lot more productive. I try to talk to other people and tell them how cool it is that I'm going paperless and I have all these digital record. It seems a lot of people do not share in my geekdom. But it's cool that I can come on here and read about how someone is all PDFs rock and I just put a bunch in Evernote! And I'm like SWEEET!... Hope Evernore continues to rock for you! p.s. I've thought about starting a blog about using Evernote in my collegiate life.
  8. I'm happy to say and excited that I am working on scanning a college text book. I'm doing it by chapters as I have time, but have a question for you. I've scanned the first couple of chapters and if the file size stays the same throughout the chapters, I will be over the 50MB limit of note size. What would you guys suggest? The simplest option, I see, is to just split the book into two notes. With Evernote search, it should not be a problem. Thank you for any suggestions.
  9. I do do have any experience with ScanDrop, but must second BurgerNFires suggestion on Paperport. It came with my printer, but I recently upgraded to version 14 standard. I could not be happier. I'm also working on becoming paperless and find the ability to manipulate the files incredible.
  10. I would love to have this feature as well. I was just trying to do the search either intitle:A or tag:B and -tag:C But like the OP stated the -tag:C Any:title: tag: does not work as one would expect. If full Boolean searches might be too hard to implement across the platforms, can we somehow combine a searches? I see two possibilities. 1) Allow the searches to be ctrl clicked like the tags. So I'd have one search any: intitle:A tag:B The other search would be -tag:C Then set it up so that the ctrl click feature will combine the two searches with an AND operator. 2) Create searches from searches. I see this one being a little more flexible because it could be default AND but then an "any:" would change it to an OR. A "search:" advanced search operator would need to be added and would be used like the other operators. For example search:A search:B would search for both A & B. If this was added you could use searches in combination with other operators. Just a few thoughts. I would really like one of these to be implemented. Thank you.
  11. Thank you. What you mentioned is kind of the things that I was thinking. I wanted to see if there may have been something I was missing. The course information has already been imported into Evernote. I've copy and pasted the assignments into to dos so that I have the information at hand when I look at what needs done. I did have a question about note taking. When taking handwritten note, usually just the main ideas are jotted down to reduce what is needed to write. But with a digital system the amount is meaningless. If given a document to read, is it important to write or type my own notes? I could just as easily copy and paste the information into a new note. Is there something in reading and note taking to help you learn?
  12. Wow! I will not be able to thank you enough for this offhanded comment, BurgerNFries. Paperport came with my printer/scanner/fax I just bought, but I did not know it also had the ability to scan. I was only using it for PDF manipulation. I was using some other software that came with my printer for the scanning. Version 12 came with my printer, but after this, I will upgrade to the latest edition (I was thinking about it anyway.) Thank you!!!
  13. I'm beginning my first quarter of using Evernote to help me with college. I wanted to see if I could get a few ideas of the best ways to use Evernote in my situation. I am attending a college online which I think presents a complication to using Evernote. Typically, the teacher will post Word documents that contain each week's assignments. In the past, I have downloaded these and then uploaded to Google Docs to be able to easily access the documents on any device. I've thought about instead of uploading into Google Docs to just copy paste into a new note in Evernote. However, this does present an issue. I'm just a few days into this quarter, but in previous quarters the assignment documents I downloaded also had a worksheet that had to be completed and uploaded into my online class. If I copy/paste the Word documents into Evernote, I will have to copy/paste back into Word to upload, potentially loosing key formatting. I've also thought about just putting the Word document directly into Evernote, but if I'm on my Chromebook (and maybe Android) I will not be able to view, edit or save the document. I think right now, my best option is to continue using Google Docs. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you.
  14. I looked over their products and would just love having one. I just can't justify spending that much money on a scanner that I really don't need.
  15. @tiredofpaper Are you happy with the services at 1dollarscan? I was thinking about using them, but wanted to know what you thought of them first.
  16. This intrigues me. I never would have thought of scanning in my books to become completely paperless. It would seem to me that it is a very tedious task. So the process would be basically cut of the binding, scan one side of all the papers, then the other side, merge all the PDFs into one and the make it a searchable PDF. What the biggest sized book you've done? How long does it take?
  17. I have a brother mfc-j430w three-in-one printer/scanner/fax. I have the control panel to scan the document into a PDF. Then I must open Nuance Paper Port, right-click on the PDF and save as searchable PDF. I have yet to figure out how to do this straight from the scanning process. If I scan to an image and use Evernote's OCR then I do not have to open Nuanve Paper Port. After I scan, I just drag the PNG file into Evenote. I do understand about making a searchable PDF being "future proof" not relying on Evernote's OCR. I might start doing it even thought it involves an extra step. I'm not redoing all the PDFs already in Evernote.
  18. As I am trying to go paperless, I was wondering what format would it be best to scan in. At first, I was scanning to PDF, but then realized that I when viewed on the web, I do not see the document. Instead I must open a new window to view the PDF. Also Evernote's OCR only does PDFs if you are a paid member. So I choose to scan my files into image format so that I can see the file on the web without opening a new window. I choose the PNG file format for its lower file size compared to the JPG. Recently, I learned about searchable PDF's which have a hidden text layer within the PDF which makes them searchable without Evernote's OCR. I can make these, but it takes more time and steps then just simply scanning the file. So, which should I scan my documents into: PDF, image, or searchable PDF? Thank you.
  19. @ghall, That is pretty neat. Do you do that when you scan it or on an existing PDF? My scanner does not have this capability. If I pick OCR, it gives me option for text formats like Word, RTF, TXT or WordPerfect. EDIT: I think I posted too fast. After a little playing around with my scanning and OCR software, I found out that I can make searchable PDF. I have to scan the document into a PDF, open the OCR/PDF program (Nuance PaperPort) and I can save the PDF as a searchable PDF. This brings up the question of whether I should be scanning to PDF or image. I've been scanning to an image so that I can see the information from the web client. I don't have to open another program to see the information. While I'm editing this post, I might as well give an update on my system. I've updated my shared notebook to fill in the gaps a little and make some corrections on how I am doing things. Feel free to look over it and give me your opinion. https://www.evernote.com/pub/jdmcclung/productivity Thanks again.
  20. @ghall and GrumpyMonkey: Do you put the OCR output in the same note as the PDF? The OCR that came with my scanner (I have a simple scanner/copier/printer.) creates a word processing file from the OCR output. Would it be best to just copy/paste this into the same note as the PDF? As far as I know the OCR for both the images and PDFs are on the Evernote servers.
  21. Thank you for this tip, helix. I was thinking the same thing, but got interrupted before I had a chance to post my testing.
  22. Thanks to everyone that commented. You have given me a lot to think about as I continue to work on my system. I do have a rough system in place that is outlined in the shared notebook that I linked to back a few posts. I have gotten out of the planning stage. Admitting, I usually get caught up focusing on designing the perfect system that I do not do anything. However, I also think that you can not design a system and just blindly stick to it. You need to evaluate its effectiveness periodically. It's been almost a week since I've been using this system and it is working out well for me. I will probably tweak it a bit more before I'm completely happy (for now.) I will also keep the shared folder updated if you guys would like to check in on that. @Ghall Why do you OCR your PDFs before adding to Evernote. Evernote searches within PDFs, right?
  23. It's not just punctuation. I tried other symbols like @ and % which I do not consider punctuation. So searches are based on text only? Is there a way to search just NA alone instead of having it find na in words? If anyone in power is reading this, I would like to request special characters be added to the search capabilities. Thank you.
  24. I tried to search for "!NA" but only got results like name. It seems the search truncated the exclamation point. Is there a way to get this included with the search?
  25. First, I want to thank you Dan. This was exactly what I was looking for. Some insights into GTD and some other methodologies for me to investigate. I will look over the links and continue to post in here, on the forums and/or change my approach that I shared with all of you. Second, to answer your questions that I quoted, I would have to say a little of all of the above. I know that probably doesn't help much so I will elaborate as much as I can. I am terrible lazy, procrastic and unorganized. I also have a very bad memory which is why I was turned onto Evernote in the first place. I do well in school, but with a little organization and note taking, I was hoping it would be easier and less time consuming. Procrastination would probably be the biggest reason I don't get many of the projects around the house done. I look at the overwhelming list of ever project. That is what attracted me to GTD in the first place. Instead of several large project list you have one list of each Next Action in each project: a much easier to handle list. And not so overwhelming. For as long as I can remember, I have considered myself a geek. I love computers. Although I can't buy them all, I want each new little gadget that comes out. And the idea of storing all my information in a digital format just seems to fit with that. Being able to do so (or trying to do so) intrigues me. Plus the convenience of it. Why have a huge filing cabinet of paper that is difficult to search through instead of a digital system on my computer that is infinitely smaller, easier to search and portable? @may After reading your comment about you would get rid of the journal notes altogether, I started thinking of ways to do this. But, ultimately, I came back to my journal for one reason I hope to explain to you. One of the reasons, I think, I procrastinate is that I feel I don't get anything done so I don't do anything. With this journal method, I can use it as my daily and weekly review, looking over what I've done this week. For example, I could see that I called our gardener 4 times and he has not returned my call, maybe I should look for a new one. When I say bad memory, I mean BAD. In this same scenario, without the journal, I would forget how many times I called our gardener or even if I called him at all. Did I or was I just thinking I had to. To clean it up a bit and organize (prune), I was thinking about at the end of each week merging the journal notes. Then at the end of each month. Then at the end of each year. I hope this helps you understand my thought process better. Please, anyone else reading this, question me. I will not be able to make a valid personal productivity if I don't question why I am doing stuff and if there is a better way. Thank you.
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