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  1. Hi everyone, We've recently completed our app for deep Evernote-Outlook integration and would love to hear your thoughts. The way it works is - it puts an Evernote client inside of Outlook, with notes acting as 'native citizens' side by side with emails, calendar events and other native Outlook objects. We also added things like "Convert note to calendar event", "Convert email to note", "Insert note link into email" and others to the toolbar. The download/install instructions are available here: http://bit.ly/pb-outlook-install
  2. Not at the moment, but are planning a separate email app for Mac/iOS, that would have Evernote interation as well.
  3. Hi everyone, Looks like this is about our Gmail integration - http://gmail.powerbotapps.com @SuperFun - please contact support@powerbotapps.com @Brian - we did a comparison between our extension and Clipper a while ago: http://blog.powerbotapps.com/post/53676551106/powerbot-vs-web-clipper
  4. Good news everyone! The new build, which is going live in a minute, has a pretty huge new feature - support for Dropbox. Now you can clip messages/threads/attachments to Dropbox and insert file links when composing new messages or replies. As before, the beta extension is available for Google Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/powerbot-for-gmailbeta/pclgjgcdpeaolckmdfbliamcebmcieof Let us know what you think - hello@powerbotapps.com
  5. @Michael I'm sorry - haven't visited this thread in a while. To use the app on a different machine you only need to download the extension and log in - we don't charge extra for multiple devices. As for automatic charging - I believe that is standard practice for subscription services (e.g. Evernote does the same thing when you sign up for the annual plan). If you need to change something about your account, please reach out to support@powerbotapps.com.
  6. More good news! Our Apple Mail plug-in is available in beta: http://blog.powerbotapps.com/post/53683455107/powerbot-for-apple-mail-beta
  7. Good news! We've recently added two big new features to the beta channel: 1. Evernote Reminders support - you can add a reminder and specify date/time when clipping something. 2. Related Notes - see relevant Evernote content when browsing a conversation or composing a message.
  8. Hey Chris, thanks for the support! I really hope we'll be able to change everyone's current opinion that Powerbot has become redundant after the Web Clipper update. Here's a side-by-side comparison we did: http://blog.powerbotapps.com/post/53676551106/powerbot-vs-web-clipper
  9. One more thing... I really wanted to draw everyone's attention to the fact that right now our app already does so much more than Web Clipper (handling attachments, clipping conversations, inserting notes/notebooks, clipping outgoing emails). The next beta release will have two new and pretty huge things: Reminders Support and Related Notes. Expect an update in a couple days.
  10. Clipper Team's timing left us stunned, to be honest. :-) We are actually days away from shipping the updated note template.We use Evernote's API to choose the most appropriate notebook.
  11. Hi, Looks like all messages need to be expanded in order to be included in the resulting note. Just tried saving a 8-message thread. It saved the first one, the last one and put "6 older messages" in between them.
  12. Noted! Working on a solution - it'll go live later this month.
  13. Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for your thoughts. We actually do support multiple Gmail accounts, here's how to connect an additional one: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s9/sh/15d31a67-8bd4-4c52-bce8-57d4297f7041/5f49589e5403e68a1d67b30eae62ccfd @Phil G. Please email us at support@powerbotapps.com - we can extend your trial period.
  14. Well, not exactly. 1. You don't have to remember notebook names or the @/# synthax. Also, we auto-suggest both (just like the official Web Clipper). Also, you can save whole threads or specific attachments, not just messages. 2. You'd have to leave Gmail, do your thing in the desktop client, and then come back to paste the link. If you need to insert multiple items, it quickly becomes annoying. We make the process completely seamless.
  15. Hi everyone, Some of you may be familiar with the flagship Powerbot product - http://trunk.evernote.com/app/powerbot-for-gmail/web-apps We integrate two greatest productivity tools, Evernote and Gmail. The tool itself is a browser extension. You can download the latest stable version using the link above (we support Chrome, Firefox and Safari). Recently we decided to launch a beta channel for the product, which would have all the latest features available at least a couple weeks before everyone else gets them. The beta version is currently Chrome-only and is available here - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/powerbot-for-gmail-beta/pclgjgcdpeaolckmdfbliamcebmcieof At this point it contains some UI enhancements, but soon we'll be adding a revamped Related Notes feature. I hope some of you would consider this interesting to try out.
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