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  1. In association with this topic, I hope that notebooks and tags would be integrated in future. If we could pin particular tags at the top of tag lists, I think it will work enough as notebooks. And then I won't have to worry about which notebooks to choose / if I should make a new tag or new notebook. What is the benefit of separating notebook from tag as they are?
  2. My requests: 1.search into .doc and .xls 2.easy mutual convert between notebooks and tags (actually I think if there is 'tag with notebook-attribution' which is displayed upper part of the list, notebooks will be unnecessary and trial&error of arranging information will become easier.) 3.UTF-8 without BOM support(I wrote in another thread) 4.Rotation of .pdf or .jpg (for Scansnap user) 5.option not to cache notes in particular notebooks (I want to reduce the ammount of cache files in PC with a small SSD.
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