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  1. Journal for Evernote in the iPhone App Store. Don't remember the price, but well worth it to me.
  2. Just wondering what other programs people might use that work with Evernote. I read a posting that someone mentioned "Journal", which I downloaded and can't live without! It has allowed me to set up a daily journal that I used to use a Daytimer for - journal of phone calls received, listing of things to do as I remember them - all using a checkbox, which I can then use a saved search for unchecked items, print them out as a reminder of what needs to still be done and carry it in a book with my support materials. Again, I can't live without this little "add on" and wonder what else might be used. Presently I use Evernote as just a dumping ground for all docs, notes, etc., but I don't feel I am using it to it's full potential and am hungry for more "life lessons" - how other people use it. Thanks for any and all recommendations.
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