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  1. I meant "Snap Safari" as one option available in Skitch for Mac...it apparently preserves the source URL (other options don't)...will try lower-left button option you recommend! Jim
  2. Okay, back to tweeting my Skitch images, both from within the Skitch for Mac app and also on the Skitch website, and no luck. This has worked in past, and I haven't altered settings...ideas? Others having similar problems? Thanks, Jim P.
  3. Greetings -- I am figuring out a workflow to tweet web clips from Skitch for Mac, and the "Snap Safari" option seems to be the best way to automatically capture the source URL. Problem is that the resultant Skitch image is the entire page, and I only want to include a portion, but I can't figure out how to crop! Recommendations welcome; many thanks. Jim
  4. Okay, now attempted to tweet this image (http://skit.ch/npkb) directly from skitch.com...again, appeared to be successful, but not yet on Twitter. This now seems to be a bigger problem, not limited to the Mac Skitch app alone. The fact that it's random (i.e., I successfully tweeted two of my images from the Skitch Mac app, but not the other despite repeated attempts) is odd. Is Twitter filtering out the attempt somehow? Btw, if you glance at that image you'll see I used the one (of four I uploaded) that included the image metadata (e.g., dimensions). Jim
  5. Still having some trouble: Brought up image in Skitch, re-shared, re-tweeted, received "Tweeted!" confirmation, didn't appear in Twitter. Started with new screen capture to Skitch, shared & tweeted, this one worked. All three attempts (first and last successful, middle disastrously not) were screen captures from same website with same basic markups. So: what will my batting average be in trusting Skitch to faithfully tweet my images, I wonder? Another issue: Skitch app on Mac does not always successfully share image metadata to skitch.com, so thumbnail (in Dashboard view) is lost, dimensions are lost (listed in full view as "0x0 @ Infinity%"). I'm a bit worried about this as well! Others having these issues? Potentially Skitch could be a neat part of my Twitter workflow: Grab shortcut to website of interest in bitly Grab screenshot in Skitch; markup as needed Share via skitch.com Immediately compose tweet from within Skitch, adding shortcut so both skitch.com URL and original URL present. Thanks for any insights. Jim P.
  6. Greetings -- I've successfully used the Mac app's built-in Twitter service after sharing a Skitch image earlier today, but now it seems down...have tried it twice and tweets aren't appearing. Ideas? I could resend to Twitter via skitch.com, but don't want a bunch of redundant queued tweets to appear. Have others experienced delays in tweeting via the Mac Skitch app? Thanks, Jim P.
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