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  1. Right; IFTTT readily does the username of the sender, but doesn't (can't?) parse hashtags etc. embedded in the msg...I suspect this necessitates something on the Evernote side once brought in via IFTTT.
  2. Greetings -- I'm wondering if anyone has ideas toward automatic delivery of certain tweets to Evernote, converting #hashtags and @accounts to Evernote tags? One can readily accomplish the "automatic delivery" part via ifttt.com, but it won't handle the tag conversion...seems like a simple text operation however. Thanks for leads, Jim P.
  3. Not too many notes, but want to make my "check this later" or "act on this" notations are consistent across notes. When I copy into e.g. BBEdit, of course, the HTML is not preserved; other text editor ideas welcome. Jim
  4. Yes, this makes sense, though there is no list I can see of what they count as "punctuation." Just tried all opt-characters, and the only ones that return unique in-text search results are opt-f (ƒ), opt-q (œ), and opt-z (Ω). All others are either counted as punctuation, or are included in search with non-option characters (e.g., search for ø includes all instances of o). So, I guess I get to figure out how to do a search-and-replace with one of these outside of Evernote, then copy back to Evernote! (Ideas welcome.) Thanks, Jim
  5. I've just discovered a search issue (Evernote Mac 3.1.2) that may be related to this thread, so decided to reply here rather than start a new thread. I often mark important items in my notes to be reviewed/acted upon later with a "**", and apparently these characters (as well as a few others, e.g. "[") are not recognized as text in the search box. (This is when searching within a given document.) Of course, "*" is a wildcard character within the search syntax, but then again one should be able to search even for "*" with proper delimitation! Ideas welcome. Thanks, Jim P. PS -- Just figured out that I can indeed search for the above via the web interface...may have to do it this way in the meantime...
  6. I meant "Snap Safari" as one option available in Skitch for Mac...it apparently preserves the source URL (other options don't)...will try lower-left button option you recommend! Jim
  7. Okay, back to tweeting my Skitch images, both from within the Skitch for Mac app and also on the Skitch website, and no luck. This has worked in past, and I haven't altered settings...ideas? Others having similar problems? Thanks, Jim P.
  8. Greetings -- I am figuring out a workflow to tweet web clips from Skitch for Mac, and the "Snap Safari" option seems to be the best way to automatically capture the source URL. Problem is that the resultant Skitch image is the entire page, and I only want to include a portion, but I can't figure out how to crop! Recommendations welcome; many thanks. Jim
  9. Okay, now attempted to tweet this image (http://skit.ch/npkb) directly from skitch.com...again, appeared to be successful, but not yet on Twitter. This now seems to be a bigger problem, not limited to the Mac Skitch app alone. The fact that it's random (i.e., I successfully tweeted two of my images from the Skitch Mac app, but not the other despite repeated attempts) is odd. Is Twitter filtering out the attempt somehow? Btw, if you glance at that image you'll see I used the one (of four I uploaded) that included the image metadata (e.g., dimensions). Jim
  10. Still having some trouble: Brought up image in Skitch, re-shared, re-tweeted, received "Tweeted!" confirmation, didn't appear in Twitter. Started with new screen capture to Skitch, shared & tweeted, this one worked. All three attempts (first and last successful, middle disastrously not) were screen captures from same website with same basic markups. So: what will my batting average be in trusting Skitch to faithfully tweet my images, I wonder? Another issue: Skitch app on Mac does not always successfully share image metadata to skitch.com, so thumbnail (in Dashboard view) is lost, dimensions are lost (listed in full view as "0x0 @ Infinity%"). I'm a bit worried about this as well! Others having these issues? Potentially Skitch could be a neat part of my Twitter workflow: Grab shortcut to website of interest in bitly Grab screenshot in Skitch; markup as needed Share via skitch.com Immediately compose tweet from within Skitch, adding shortcut so both skitch.com URL and original URL present. Thanks for any insights. Jim P.
  11. Greetings -- I've successfully used the Mac app's built-in Twitter service after sharing a Skitch image earlier today, but now it seems down...have tried it twice and tweets aren't appearing. Ideas? I could resend to Twitter via skitch.com, but don't want a bunch of redundant queued tweets to appear. Have others experienced delays in tweeting via the Mac Skitch app? Thanks, Jim P.
  12. I have scrolled through posts to see if others would like outlining features for Evernote, and many apparently would, but as one workaround I was wondering if others knew of a utility to convert e.g. an unordered (bulleted) Evernote list to OPML for import into another outlining/mindmapping application? It would not seem too hard to write the XML from the original HTML but I didn't immediately find a good utility for accomplishing this feat. Many thanks, Jim
  13. I'd be interested in a reply to this as well...what I found upon experiment is that notes initiated on iPhone are interpreted as e.g. 26-point font for Section, 20 point for Subsection, and if copied from Mac client into another HTML authoring window (e.g., WordPress) the HTML (e.g., <h1>) is preserved, but these font size options aren't even available on the Mac client, and at any rate I doubt they would convey e.g. <h1> HTML if authored originally on the client. The bottom line seems to be that the Mac client currently does not support this normal HTML formatting…which among other benefits is a handy way to do outlining! Many thanks, Jim
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