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  1. Hey guys, I really appreciate all the helpful feedback. It's good to know we have a great Evernote community out there. Thanks so much!
  2. That is a great suggestion, basically pushing them all the way to the bottom. It's a workaround to some extent but somewhat reasonable. I'll take a look at implement something like this - at least until they can be hidden. Thank you.
  3. That's quite a list of Tags. Yeah, so there's the dilemma. On the desktop it's much easier to manage, on mobile, when assigning a note, you have to scroll through almost all of your tags all your tags to get down to "Per-House". Or in my case "Vacation" sub Cruise 2016. It's this Tag picker that I wish I could pare down to only the ones I'm still using. For now, at least on Android I may just have to suck it up. The list of Tags will be ALL of them no matter how I organize them.
  4. Interesting. Tags are the way I mostly Organize. I have a couple of Notebooks ie. Personal and Business, with multiple Tags that apply to each. My list of Tags is pretty long, especially when using the Tag picker (Android) to assign to a note. They're nested in the main part of the app but not nested when assigning a Tag - this is why I would wish to hide old or unused ones. How does - sign hide a Tag? How is that used?
  5. It's definitely much cleaner to create a hierarchy and organize it like that. I guess I just realized I could've been more specific. On a mobile device when you're assigning a Tag to a new note the nested structure that exists on the desktop version no longer exists in the mobile version. You'll have to scroll through all your Tags, new and old to find what you need. Having the ability to hide unused ones (old ones) would be useful in this part of app software.
  6. Premium user here, I tend to create Tags or Notebooks based on Logical events. For instance if I were to create a "Cruise 2016" notebook or tag and place all of those specific items in there, I will have a "one stop" place to find everything related to this. But once that cruise is over I would still want to keep all my info. Chances are I will not use a Cruise 2016 Notebook or Tag again so it would be great if those could be "Hidden" or "Archived" in such a way that they no longer appear in my active list. They would hidden until I wanted to see them. I realize there are potentially other ways to organize, for instance using key words or "Intitle" type searches to bring up what I need, but sometimes just having a folder (Notebook) to click on makes it easy. Thanks for listening.
  7. Yes, this is definitely a need. Most of us here are juggling two accounts, for business (work) and personal but using one mobile device to access each. Signing out and signing back in is not the most efficient way to handle this. Separate request: I have my own separate private (business) account which is combined with my regular personal account. The drawback to merging these into one account is that all my Tags and Notebooks show up in my Notebook and Tag lists. If I add a note for a personal item such as a vet bill receipt, I have to scroll through a list of tags such as "vendors" , "equipment repair" , "floor plans" that apply to my private business before I get to the personal tag I need. I wish to be able to separate these types within the one account.
  8. Wow. This was one of the first things I tried, and when I saw the highlights were still there I just figured it didn't work. I never bothered to click inside the note. And as you all just pointed out, clicking inside the note in the original pane does the same thing. Thanks to frank.dg and csihilling for all the helpful pointers.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I took your advice and created tag called "Print". When I Search and locate the note I need I simply I drag it to the "Print" Tag. I just jump into the tag, grab the note, print it, and then un tag it. The "Print" tag is now empty awaiting the next note. Great solution. Yeah it's a work around to an extent, I guess, but it does what I need it to do. Thanks for the quick response.
  10. In some cases I need to print a document I've stored in Evernote. When I use the search interface to find what I'm looking for, say "Insurance Toyota", the chosen document will have those words highlighted within the document. The trouble is when I want to print it prints with all those highlights. If I un-search for the document of course the highlights go away but so does the document. How can I search for a document but print it without the highlights? A lot of my documents are simply in my "Personal" folder with no particular tags. This makes searching more necessary but results in highlighted words throughout the document. How can I avoid this? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. Interesting, I tried running "Fix All Notes" in the debug menu and the OCR indexes appear to get repaired. So it's a work-around anyway, better than deleting and re-downloading the database constantly. <Press ctrl and click on Help> Run "Fix All Notes> So glad I stumbled upon this forum. I've been having the same search problems within the EN for Windows application for months now. Only today did I realize that my searches actually worked on the web version and were only problematic on the Windows client. Discovering this led me here, and to the suggestion above. Finally, after dealing with no OCR searches for months I can finally find my notes again. I hope this is fixed someday. I'm just glad we have a workaround at the moment. Running v5.6.4.4632
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