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  1. I know this is a few months dated now, but I've had similar happen on several occasions. I'm on a Chromebook also and use the web client exclusively these days. What I've seen even more often is a hiccup in network connectivity (WiFi or otherwise) that then hangs the Evernote browser instance. Only way to move on is to force a browser refresh which then pops the warning that you're going to lose updates. I've at least learned to do a quick copy to clipboard BEFORE refreshing, then just paste it back in and continue. I've never been pushed back to the login screen though...that sounds like maybe a really bad timing of what I've been seeing and your login instance timing out for the week. Most other web apps (especially Google) seem to be able to pick up the session right where they left off if it's just a momentary network lapse. As a side note....the web client feels like it's getting slower and slower these days. Not sure why.
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