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  1. I'm on a mac. But can't seem to clear the "checked" boxes (i.e. completed items) while leaving the "not-yet-checked" boxes. I've highlighted all the tasks with boxes. But when I click on Format>Insert To-Do from the toolbar, it simply replaces my selected items (i.e. overwrite my list) with a new To-Do box. What am I doing wrong?
  2. At the risk of stepping into some serious doo-doo, I'd like to offer some perspectives as a new EN premium user. If someone asks me to recommend EN, I would tell them: I started using EN because, like most EN users, I needed a cloud-storage with easy retrieving function. In various magazines, EN's founders have promoted the system as a place to "store your memories". Great so far. Like most average users, I am concerned about security. If my ipad happens to be unlocked and someone opens EN, they could read my personal journal entries (for example). The forum seems to suggest: If you're concerned about security, you are on your own. Find a way to encrypt each piece of document whether in your local or online notebooks. My choices I can not use EN to store sensitive data - this practically eliminates the ability to "store my memories." I can figure out how to encrypt each document. I'm not a techno-phobe, but I'm not going to search and learn how to encrypt PDFs, Jpgs, etc. Essentially, I'm forced to create my own seatbelt in order to drive EN (as someone wrote elsewhere in this thread). [*]I understand there's a trade-off between accessibility and levels of security. I don't want a steel cage. It's like a cabinet in my house. Some drawers are locked others are not. I want the ability to password-lock some notebooks, if I choose. I want a simple toggle-switch. [*]Without a simple solution, EN is not a tool for the masses. I can't recommend it to my friends anymore than I would recommend a car without seat belts. [*]EN's choices Give the average user an easy way to lock our documents; or Be satisfied with its current, tech-savvy customers and forget about (and stop promoting to) EN to the mass market as a memory-storage. Respectfully,
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