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  1. Hi, all. I'm back to this post bcoz I've got the email notification of a new comment. Now I'm happy with the new version of the Chrome extension which fixed the problem, only except that I'm using Opera. Fortunately, it works well so far. But I hope someday the official extensions for the others browsers would be updated, too. Thanks.
  2. Yes, that can be an option, and I don't much like the "new Gmail" until now, too. But I wanna try to be familiar with it if it eventually becomes like that. I will try the selection clipping feature for awhile. Thank your for your suggestion anyway! ?
  3. Oh, I forgot the selection clipping feature! Thank you for reminding me. I think it's enough for me for awhile. ?
  4. Still broken? Today, Gmail asked me to change to new UI, and I did. Now I can't use the email clipping. Only option is sending it to my Evernote email address. Please fix this. Thanks.
  5. Same here! I also use Google account to sign in. Is this the cause? Btw, I tried to sign in with the "Remember me for 30 days" turned on. I will see this works or not. This happens on both of my MBP and MBA whose OS Xs are El Capitan and Sierra, respectively. I also use Opera browser and have not experienced same thing so far.
  6. Got the same issue on both my iMac and MBA. Same problem for me exactly. Same here, too.
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