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  1. Hi, all. I'm back to this post bcoz I've got the email notification of a new comment. Now I'm happy with the new version of the Chrome extension which fixed the problem, only except that I'm using Opera. Fortunately, it works well so far. But I hope someday the official extensions for the others browsers would be updated, too. Thanks.
  2. Yes, that can be an option, and I don't much like the "new Gmail" until now, too. But I wanna try to be familiar with it if it eventually becomes like that. I will try the selection clipping feature for awhile. Thank your for your suggestion anyway! ?
  3. Oh, I forgot the selection clipping feature! Thank you for reminding me. I think it's enough for me for awhile. ?
  4. Still broken? Today, Gmail asked me to change to new UI, and I did. Now I can't use the email clipping. Only option is sending it to my Evernote email address. Please fix this. Thanks.
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