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  1. The feeling's likewise! I so wish you didn't talk in riddles, be dismissive AND unprofessional. Says a lot about the company and the employees, eh? Oh well, you reap what you sow! Good day (or is that 'good riddance'?). Appalling and not altogether unexpected! Will NOT be recommending Evernote to anyone! Dear oh dear.....
  2. I've replied in BOLD above, so inline rather than make references here. You totally fail to acknowledge what is obviously a PROBLEM, that not just I, but many others are having. The 'chitchat' comment is also rude and inappropriate. NOT professional, you are right there!
  3. I too am using a Mac and I found the damned popups HUGELY annoying! I run a business and sometimes record Zoom meets, only to have Evernote TELLING me 'There's a New Update'. Well bully for them! I don't give a damn. It REPEATEDLY does this, and after having been on the FREE version I then upgraded as I was saving a lot of material. However, the problem then started, and popups would crop up in the MIDDLE of a Zoom call! That is REALLY out of order! How DARE these people MESS up other people's business meetings by doing this. I approached customer support (again a fair bit of searching to even achieve that!) and after FIRST saying I couldn't stop it, then went on to tell me to reinstall and delete old copies, and it should then be okay). To Evernote's credit they DID respond quickly. But I did what they suggested (even though I feared it wouldn't solve anything) just to see if it did stop those pesky popups. Well, a day or to later they ask for feedback, which is WAY too early, as there were no updates during this time, so I wanted to wait and see if the update notifications would cease. Well, guess what? The next time I was in the middle of working AGAIN the wretched UPDATE notification pops up. I roll my eyes, seethed, and immediately got back to them saying how that's IT, I'm NOT paying for mere frustration! I told them it's just totally UNACCEPTABLE and to I wanted a pro-rata refund. They did this, and immediately I found I couldn't even save ONE page, as it was over 25mb! There is a 40mb monthly limit, so 25mb is more than HALF a month's limit! WHAT? What I DON'T understand is that I was using their FREE service for a couple of years without ANY 'bandwidth limits'; but as soon as I return to the FREE version from Premium it's WORSE than before...........The cynic in me says it's because they WANT FREE-account users to upgrade again, if downgrading, as I had NO limits prior to paying for a Premium account! It's a GREAT piece of software, don't get me wrong, but now it feels like I'm being PUNISHED. In response I've abandoned Evernote use altogether now! I don't even log in, so don't get the wretched update notifications either. It's more trouble, but I VALUE NOT being interrupted, so now save documents to Excel spreadsheets - yeah, I'm THAT determined NOT to use Evernote again! A DREADFUL experience, IMO!
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