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  1. Consider yourself lucky! As I just posted yesterday, my display was just fine ... until suddenly it wasn't. I'm using an LG 2560x1080 "ultra-wide" monitor but I doubt that the monitor brand is relevant.
  2. This just started happening to me. I upgraded to 7.10 a couple of weeks ago. Running MacOS High Sierra. The problem started right after I opened a second window and viewed Notebooks in both windows so I could move some notebooks from one folder to another. After closing the second window and switching back to my default view I noticed the jagged text. Tried switching fonts, font sizes, no luck. Tried quitting and restarting Evernote. Characteristics: text looks fine when viewing on my MacBook Pro retina screen but is jagged on my larger 2560x1080 monitor text in the sidebar (black background) looks fine but both the list of notes and individual notes look awful opening a note in a new window looks fine I appreciate everyone's posts and am quite disturbed that this problem was reported 6 months ago and is still not fixed. Note: I just removed Evernote. I couldn't find a copy of 7.5.2 anywhere so I downloaded a fresh copy of the latest version and installed it. I figured that since it had been working, I could go back to before it broke. No luck. Still broken. :(
  3. Recently the web clipper started saving multiple articles sometimes, even though they don't appear on the same page. I put up with it when it saved a single follow-on but today it's saving a dozen articles in one, and I can't figure out how to tell it to do otherwise. I looked at the Clipper settings but no luck there. The latest example: http://greenbooks.theonering.net/quickbeam/files/121001.html, which is a film review for Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. When I try to clip it as a simplified article, the Clipper saves the content of 15 web pages! One or two might be construed as responses to the article, but it's also clipping a book review of the Hobbit and lots of other unrelated articles. I'm attaching an export of the note (minus the images). I'm using Evernote for Mac Version 7.4, Chrome 68.0.3440.106, and Evernote Web Clipper extension v 7.4.2. I tested with Firefox and had the same results. I then tried Safari and it concatenated 18 pages! I'm guessing this was created as a feature for clipping multi-page articles, but it's broken. If it can't be fixed, then please give us a way to turn it off. Thanks, Donna GreenBooks.TheOneRing.net™ | Out on a Limb | MOVIE REVIEW — The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.html
  4. I see that P-TAK14 didn't reply, but I'm having the same problem. I'm a Premium user of 6.0.5, running on Mac OS 10.8.5. I can't view or edit existing shared folder settings. All I seem to be able to do is to add another share. Going to the browser version, I was able to find it although it's sure not as obvious as before. I clicked on a folder to select it. It says "Shared with 1 person" but I can't click on that. When I click on the "Share" button it allows me to add shares, but doesn't show who it's currently shared with. Finally I found the little info button in the upper right and clicked on that. It says "Sharing: Shared with 1 person" and has a "Modify Sharing" link. So then I have to click that. Wow that's a lot of clicks. I have new clients and this year and no longer have an intern, so I need to review all the folder sharing. I figured it would take about 10 minutes but it's looking more like an hour. I hate to be a cynic but it feels as though Evernote is removing ease of use so that I'll be pushed to upgrade to a Business account. For a single freelancer that seems excessive.
  5. Yes, thank you so much! I complained bitterly when it went away so I wanted to make sure I acknowledged the return. Top view works so much better for me. With the side list I only had a piece of the titles and no tags, so it was harder to figure out which entry was the one I wanted. I really appreciate your listening to us. Donna
  6. Been a premium member for a couple of years now. I don't use the forums unless I'm having a problem with Evernote, so I didn't see any post about removing horizontal list view. Please consider this backlash. The new vertical view is a terrible waste of space for me. I use (and pay) for Evernote because it's a great program for writing, reading, and searching notes, not because of reminders or other frills. I'm all for adding new functionality but not that affects the core purpose of Evernote! Could someone please explain how I might go about downgrading from 5.1.0? EXACTLY. Sorry guys but I'm working a lot of hours. I use Evernote but I don't have time to hang out on the forums to protect the features that I use all the time! Imagine if we had to do that for all our apps? I come here only when a change messes things up and I want to stomp around and complain and ask to have it back. PLEASE???
  7. I don't have time to watch videos! Why didn't you warn me before I upgraded?
  8. I just obeyed the upgrade recommendation and am SICK about the changes. I have notebooks for each of my clients and instead of the compact list I now have huge chunky icons. It slows my operation. Can I back out of this?
  9. Update: I just filed a trouble ticket. Since first posting I have deleted all imported notes and reverted to a ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote folder saved from before the import. I also deleted the Evernote application and reinstalled from a fresh download. But it still continues to hang every time I try to drag notes to a folder.
  10. I've been using Yojimbo for a long time but have been using Evernote more lately. Finally decided to move everything from Yojimbo to Evernote. I used this AppleScript: http://veritrope.com/code/export-from-yojimbo-to-evernote/ to import several hundred notes and images, and all seemed fine. Then I tried to move some of the items from the inbox to a notebook. Spinning beachball and EN hung. I've tried half a dozen times now. Restarted EN, restarted the Mac, even deleted the ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote folder and had it restore everything from the server. Behavior is consistent: if I move one item at a time, no problem. But if I select two or more items and drag them to a folder, EN hangs and I have to force quit. Yojimbo doesn't sync with the iPhone but at least it never crashed! Any suggestions? Thanks! Donna
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