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  1. +1 for a strikethrough button. I find it cumbersome to have a todo list built in a tree, where as it's quite simple to make a bulleted list and then just cross things off as you finish them. That is, if there is a short cut for crossing things off. Because there isn't, I never want to take the time to open up the font menu in order to select strikethrough, it just takes too long. And of course as already mentioned, it's already on the Windows version, why not keep the UI's consistent across platforms?
  2. I'm not too concerned about what happens to the list, I'm concerned about the note I'm editing, decide to change the notebook it's in, and then it disappears on me and shows me something that I had no intention to be looking at. For my workflow (which is usually search for a note, jot something on it, go back to work), making sure that 'All Notebooks is selected on the left side first' is a time consuming workaround, an avoidable one too: if a user is editing a note, don't make it go away.
  3. I see, it looks like they cover just about all of it in the linked thread. Sorry, my search prior was pretty rash. I'm using the stable Mac desktop Version 3.0.6 (221382), although I see that if I have 'All Notebooks' selected, the note stays in focus. However, I agree with the guy on the other thread, that even when 'All Notebooks' isn't selected (it rarely is in my usage), I'd still like the note I'm editing to stay in focus. I suppose it's a contextual thing. Thanks for accepting this as a feature request.
  4. Note to the developers: this is really annoying - I make a note, it goes in the default notebook. I start typing up my note I then notice it's in the default notebook and I move it to the notebook where it belongs by change the tab beneath the title. the note disappears, while a note from within the default notebook takes it's place, which I care nothing about at that moment. Just wanted to report this, as I couldn't find any bug tracker. Cheers, RIch
  5. Hm, I have to tab 18 times to get to the note body, but once I'm there, you're right I can type. It would be really useful if the next tab went right to the first highlighted instance of the search term (which should be on the screen at this time already).
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to move via the keyboard from the search bar to the current note I'm looking at. Alot of times I type in a phrase that I know will lead directly to a note, and then I find it difficult to move to that mouse because I need to take my hand off of the keyboard and click in the note with the mouse or touchpad. Is there any key I can hit to just move to the note, like tab for instance? This is how Notational Velocity works and I find it much more efficient to work with because of the hot keys like this (not saying I like one more than the other, just a feature). Also, the entire note gets very dark, except the search word, which I find distracting - why not just highlight the word that matches the search?
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