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  1. Then you, my friend, will be very excited to discover the Apple Keyboard With Numeric Keypad lineup for your Mac workstation. That is the most excellent apple keyboard connected to my Mac Book Pro -- has a set of HOME / END keys. The Command + Arrow isn't as easy on the fingers with a full board and the keys (a single finger tap away) currently do nothing; hence this feature request. Perhaps more importantly, it would not only catch up with, but exceed, PC with this feature: now we have two different ways to full-page scroll, covering both standard and full keyboard sizes. Sounds like my set up is bit uncommon. But maybe it is just a simple key mapping addition to some sort of array or something.
  2. As a user working with a note, I would like the ability to hit the END or HOME keys so that I can jump to the Bottom or Top of a lengthy note quickly. Current State: Hitting Home or End within a note does nothing Future State: Hitting Home takes the user to the top of the page. Hitting End takes the user to the bottom of the page. Helpful with lengthy notes. And likely a best practice.
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