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  1. Indeed, thanks for the tip - email works better. However the result is square-shaped (and not rectangle)

    I tested Dropbox -> ifttt -> Evernote: it created aquare thumbnail once, not the other 2 times I tried

    Also I tested also another service - cloudring with dropbox -> Evernote, result: nice rectangular snippet image

    I'll report that to ifttt guys as well, maybe there's some issue with API no their side...

  2. Nope, not premium. But my usage limit hasn't been reached in any way.

    The recipe - http://ifttt.com/recipes/23697 (usually I use {{EntryUrl}} as Image URL because it enables to link note to post where this image is from, not the image itself, but that doesn't really seem to matter snippet-wise)

    I browsed through some folders in Evernote DB folders in Mac and there's no problem with generating thumbnail (apart from the "as designed" issue that thumbnails are up to 10x bigger than original photo), it's always the snippet.png that's missing

  3. Hmmm. Smells like a problem with the email gateway process. I don't see the same problem if I clip an image from context menu. (Just tested from Chrome).

    In the Windows client you can delete the local thumbnails and snippets databases and the client will rebuild them as needed. Don't know if the same function is available in the Mac client.

    And yeah, editing a note is the only way to force recreate of the snippet/thumbnail in the Web client.

    Gateway - I don't think so - the image is there, in the post, like it should be. So what could be wrong? Besides I'm not sure how IFTTT works but I'd bet they use API calls not email.

    And editing works ONLY if the post was made as regular post, not as image post. That's weird...

  4. Hi,

    I'm trying to figure out, why many of my posts doesn't contain snippet even in an image is the first element or very prominent element in the post. It's hopeless on Mac but I found a weird way of working in web.

    1) I'm using ifttt.com to set up custom workflows that create me Evernote posts - mostly images

    2.1) I'v set one task to set up Evernote image post

    2.2) I've set up another task to create regular post


    In either case, snippet is not generated when the posts show up in EN web env., however, there's a strange difference:

    3.1) image post - have'nt fond ANY way to force post to create a snippet

    3.3) regular post - if I click Edit and then Done, post is saved, snippet/thumbnail is created.

    This works only in web client - as mentioned, Mac is hopeless and won't create snippet on either case.

    Now, the main question:

    - how does one force creation of snippets, if it's missing completely but it's created as image post and has image in it?

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