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  1. Timeline is in Evernote's wake -- they used to have it, but discarded it years ago. You might be interested in the third-party TuskTools: http://moreproductiv...m/evernote.html This might work. It means three products / services working together, but ... it might work.
  2. I'd like to see two things, both date related. Forgive me if they've been mentioned already. I'd like to see RTM integration (that'd do all your duedate / priority stuff). I've seen comments on both sides of the API pond on this, and would really like it to happen. Right now, I think the ball is in RTM's court, but I can certainly express my wish for it to become a reality. I would also like to see a notebook view similar to the "Timeline" view you get in outlook. That is one of the major things I miss now that I've gone with Thunderbird (that and seamless calendar integration. Lighting with gcal is a bit buggy). Optimally, you could have it displayable by "date created", "date modified" or the elusive "due date" should it magically appear (or get integrated with RTM, *fingers crossed*)
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