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  1. I am trying to come back to Evernote from Notion (Mac desktop version). I was an Evernote premium user for several years and tried switching to Notion for the past year and a half. I had no issues importing my Evernote database/and all the notes when I switched over to Notion. I am trying to simply bring over the notes I created this past year and a half and start using Evernote again as it was a better solution for me. However, I am having trouble importing the notes and keeping the note detail (format, date created, and any attachment to note)...It is importing all the notes as if they have the same date. Any help would be appreciated. The support ticket I received back said I would have to manually change the date on the notes.....really? On thousands of notes? Let me know if anyone has been able to bring over Notion databases/notes back over to Evernote successfully. Thanks.
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