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  1. No, but I do think not having this while competitors do could definitely convince people to go elsewhere. I could also see free users not becoming paid subscribers for the same.
  2. Consistent user experience across platforms has been a topic frequently embraced when talking about future EN development. This is a possible bang for buck win. A catch all where if this is something that you care about you could have dark mode on your platform. The fundamental argument that the windows code base is old and therefore cumbersome to update only hints that it needs more attention, not that it warrants attention less.
  3. I think it's fair to say that windows being 12% of their user base is a deceptive metric. If one noticed dark mode is missing, then chances are one is not using it exclusively on windows. This inconsistency in the ui seems pretty at odds with stated goals of a consistent user experience. In all the years I've used Evernote, the stability has been pretty good, though any stability issues I've had have been in the poor neglected windows client. So let's set the windows32, windows and other windows specific versions aside. Is it 6mo if effort for the web version? That would be a viable work around.
  4. I've seen this feature requested enough that it's priority should probably raised. I haven't seen too many more important features delivered in the last few years of using Evernote., but admit that I use it less than I used to because it's bright on my screen. If alternative color schemes are really 6mo of effort, then there is obviously some engineering debt around how this is being done, and that itself would warrant taking a look at it. I would be stunned if this was actually a 6mo feature. Bottom line, if reading and writing notes creates undue eyestrain, and therefore discouraging use of the app, what do the rest of the features matter?
  5. This would at least be an easy option that could be put into the WebUI. I mean it would literally just be a different CSS to use to present the interface, which could be used as a catchall for unsupported specific applications. I've never understood the reluctance to support an easy win. I've found posts about dark-mode in the desktop client that date back to 2013. You'd think that in 6 yrs it could be prioritized.
  6. So when I first started using evernote on windows, the interface was gray. And it didn't bother me that there was no dark theme for evernote because most of the interface was dark enough. The web version was much darker too. At some point a design decision to go with bright white was made, and I can't fathom why. When I first started trying out Windows 10, one of my chief complaints was that there was no dark theme. While I do not entertain the notion that people care much about what I think, I think it's fair to point out that there was market pressure enough to have Apple and Microsoft each develop dark themes for their respective OS's. When Android was a newer thing and it was popular to root ones device, one of the chief reasons to do so was to apply a dark theme. Almost every development IDE comes with a dark theme. It should not be surprising that given my love of customization, I used to run a linux desktop. I'd peruse the internet and see the other customizations others had made to their compiz desktops etc.... It should come as no surprise given the theme that I'm working on here, that most people used some sort of dark theme. My point here is that I feel that this is a significant enough point to the user base of a lot of software applications, not just evernote, that I am slightly stunned that the effort has not been put in. I think that evernote is otherwise the best note taking app I've ever used, and would love to see this small trifle dealt with. Also, since the service is subscription based, it would also be nice if there were a version available for linux too.
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