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  1. Merry Christmas to my friends at Evernote. Thank you for the awesome app. I've enjoyed using it (and the premium features) for several years. But I'm really getting sick of the Apple bias and the waiting. Time to start looking for another application to fill the void I'm going to feel when I leave. Sorry. I've been quite patient.
  2. Hi GrumpyMonkey, It's been a while since your post, so I thought I'd rattle your cage (so to speak ). I consider myself an unofficial Evernote Evangelist, as I jump at every chance to tell anyone who will listen why I love it so much and how it can fix all their problems ... or at least help. For years before I had an Android phone or found out about EN, I used Moleskine notebooks and was just as much in love with them. Especially the pocket ones I could carry with me everywhere.. However, I love Android as much as I love Moleskine and Evernote. Imagine my hurt and embarrasment when I learned that EN has this feature which only works on iOS. I understand your point about balance and quality. What I don't understand is your reference to a Moleskine app??? Anyway, in case you lovely folks at Evernote lost focus ...... PLEASE GET THIS FEATURE WORKING ON ANDROID!!!!! Thanks, I'll sit back, hold my breath, and wait patiently now.
  3. I would like to second WebEngineer's request for table formatting/editing. I can understand how calculations would be outside the mission of EN, however. And if someone could point me to a good tutorial on how to use tags for organization, I would appreciate it. I have used nested folders for so long that I can't seem to grasp how tags could replace them. Thanks in advance! I love EN and consider myself an evangelist. Now if I could just convince my company that EN is secure enough to use for business information!
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