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  1. Markdown input is absolutely necessary for notetaking! They usage of hierarchical headings is very convenient in markdown. I can't understand why Evernote still not even provides paragraph/heading styles.
  2. Yes please! Even in the Mac version it could be better: Just make the inline-view of a PDF that is the whole content of a note window-filling.
  3. +1 I want to use shortcuts to complicated search-querys in specific notes, not global in the favorites-list.
  4. Wow, after the update the interface of the "card view" looks very similar to what I imagined. For me one feature is still missing: In the card view the pulldown-menu for sorting should make it possible to sort by notebook, sort by tag and group by notebook, group by tag. This would be useful for inventory, because one can view all items located in one room (notebook) and/or one box/shelf/... (tag).
  5. Hello there, I want to use Evernote to keep track of my stuff. The following features are missing to do that well: Save Notes in iPhone app (or desktop app) without title. Sometimes you just want to take a picture of that teapot and add a tag for its location. The standard title "Note without title" is just ugly and just clutters the UI In the desktop app: A view mode that displays all items in a grid with thumbnails, title (if it has one), tags. Without the space for displaying the item! To view the picture bigger or read additional notes etc. one could use the space bar for Quick Look When viewing a note that is only a picture + tags the picture should make use of the whole field. These white borders are just ugly. Or you add a nice background and some border to the pictures (like in Flava or Notica) I think it is clear what I want. I would like to be the Evernote mac app even simpler and more adjustable to that less ambitious purposes like home inventory which just needs picture + tags. Peter Edit: I just noticed the Lion full-screen view. Thats what I meant with grid-view of the notes. We need that design window mode, too. But without the "Note without title"-title and with tags. Additionally it would be great to display all pictures in the same size, no matter if there is additional text in the note or not.
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