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  1. not sure if it is premium only feature, but on my desktop client it is at the bottom of the View menu.
  2. Didn't do it this morning. I will keep trying. Thanks for the assistance. When the note came up blank immediately (without the little circle rotating showing that it was downloading the info) then I should have known something was up. Thanks again.
  3. OMFG! that is brilliant!! i owe you one big time because you just recovered about two months of data points for me. i had no idea that feature even existed. i should take a class because obviously this "little charming app" has way more to it than meets the eye. any idea why the android client would eat it? never had a problem with the ipad app or the desktop, but it seems the android on my droid x is best used as a "view only" client.
  4. So this morning i wanted to add a quick line to a note that i have been updating daily for several months now. I thought it would do that "stupid little block thing" and then i could fix it later. Instead, when the note came up it was blank, I entered my data for today on the fly, and was done with it. I thought all was cool. I just got home to start working on notes on the desktop client and the entire note had been erased!!!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! My old data is not in the trash bin, it is not in conflicting changes, it is nowhere to be found. What the hell?? If I hadn't paid for this I might let it slide (and I certainly would be keeping my data elsehwere). Any thoughts? And possibility of salvage?
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