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  1. The worst part - the part that makes it absolutely maddening - is when you are working in another app and the "Update Evernote!" appears OVER THE TOP of your working app. THAT needs to stop. You can do 20 updates a day so long as I don't see I need to take action UNTIL I am in Evernote. But if I've got Evernote open in the background, I don't need intrusive Ad like interruptions to my workflow. That's the opposite of why I use Evernote. It's crazy - I have never seen this in my life on any application. There is no option in preferences to stop or alter this. For users who like to be interrupted, they are fine with this. For those of us who need to focus, this is a badly needed and very simple switch to add in preferences: "Turn off update alerts." or something along those lines. THAT would be an update I'd install. LOL! For now, I've had to not run Evernote in the background until I need it, which sucks cuz now I have to wait for it to load before I can add/chk notes.
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