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  1. Really. Really?! You obviously didn't read the topic posts. OneNote has done everything I need to do from the get go that Evernote can't.
  2. Read thru most of the posts. Have used lots of PIMs over the years. Came to Evernote for the obvious reasons. The drawbacks I found were not able to visually edit images (with random text, links, markings, etc.) as I can with OneNote and the lack of support for table sorting (which OneNote does). Have also used EssentialPIM extensively, which has the noted drawbacks as well. AllMyNotes looks attractive although dated, but does have table sorting capability. Have been getting used to OneNote. One thing I didn't like is saving to the Cloud all the time, which I found a way online to save locally and selectively save to the Cloud to see data on my other devices. The reason why I needed to save to the desktop is I have an Internet connection that is painfully slow at times with a limited data plan due to our living in a remote area.
  3. Other than the other quirks of Evernote, this is THE reason I gave up and went to using other tools for keeping notes. I need a better way to sort similar information and sortable tables is the best way that I know of where I can also have related text.
  4. That sounds interesting David. If you get something together that can work with Windows/Android let me know.
  5. I am always sorting and sifting through lots of related information. My #1 wish is the ability to embed a spreadsheet or worksheet in Evernote and be able to sort on columns from within an Evernote notebook without having to open another software. I would rather not have to attach a spreadsheet or open Open Office or Excel everytime I need to do this. This is intuitively essential for me. I don't see how Evernote or other PIMs have no keyed on this. I don't want to sift through/search through a multitude of notebooks when I could have most of what I need in sortable tables. Anyone else been needing this? I use Evernote for Windows but saw this post and wanted to add my two cents.
  6. This would be most useful. For many years I've used essentialPIM. The great thing I like about it is the folders within folders feature and the contacts section where you can sort on columns (that I've modified to fit my purposes). Unfortunately they don't have an Android version, and I also need a more robust way to manage lots of worksheets where I can edit them locally and sync easily for online viewing. If Evernote has a more robust way to embed worksheets into notes where columns can be sorted on and the worksheets can be synced that would be great.
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