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  1. 1 minute ago, DTLow said:

    Create a  new note.

    Thanks for the workaround suggestion - this serves to remove the thumbnail, but... I lose

    • URL from webclipper 
    • original date
    • the time it takes to duplicate each problematic note!

    It seems that the thumbnail might get removed from the original post after syncing... In 'details' it now says "No images to index"

    Cheers... hoping for a civilised solution soon


  2. thanks for your reply gazumped!

    the gmail shortcut in question is:

    ` Go to next inbox section If you use an inbox style with tabs or sections, you can quickly navigate to the next section.


    The 'tabs' I mentioned are (configurable like) 'Personal, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums', and the defaults for clipper (in my region: AU, at least) seem to be ` backtick to 'Start Web Clipper'... I've confirmed this by clicking 'Reset Defaults'.

    Just thought I'd mention since this is the result of a change associated with a new feature advertised by the popup as for gmail, and it conflicts with a gmail shortcut... I'll find another trigger for Evernote :)

    Regards, Tim



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  3. Boolean may scare "normal" users, but the Saved Search feature feels pre-pubescent without it.

    I doubt this audience needs convincing. The Evernote team probably does, though. Any input on why this feature isn't live?

    I agree with the sentiment that boolean will probably scare the majority of users.

    I'd cite google as an example of boolean enabled search which doesn't seem to hinder many...

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  4. I'm surprised Dave Engberg compared Evernote to iTunes. Such searches may meet the needs of 99.5% of iTunes users (I'm one user who doesn't need more advanced iTunes searching), but I find that hard to believe about Evernote.

    Also, it is possible to 'nest' Smart Folders in iTunes by creating one ([contains-speakeing] = any: spoken, audiobook, language, audio-book) which is referenced by another (in:contains-speaking, -in:recently-played, 'Ani DifFranco'). This would be a great workaround for Evernote: allow saved searches to reference eachother. If you're worried about loops, etc, then just put in a timeout with an alert: "you're one of 0.5% of EN users trying to do this.. your search is broken, try again"

    * hope you can decipher my cryptic search syntax :)

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  5. what i want is clipping screenshot into that same note!,

    Do your screen cap but hold down the CTRL button before releasing the mouse button, This puts the screen cap into your clipboard instead of creating a new note. Go to your note, position cursor where you want the image & paste.

    This may be windows only - I don't get these modifiers in EN 3.0.6 Mac.

    For Mac users: use the OSX shortcuts for

    • 'Copy a picture of the screen to the clipboard' Ctrl+Cmd+Shift+3
    • 'Copy a picture of selected area to the clipboard' Ctrl+Cmd+Shift+4

    These can be customised in System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Screen Shots.

    I'd like the EN helper to duuplicate the functionality, though, because I miss the clip selected window function, with its pretty little dropshadow :)

    A workaround is to use skitch, then 'Add shadow to image' (I've configured a shortcut for that) and drag to EN. I find it strange that there is no Share to / Clip to EN! I hope the two grow together over time :)

  6. The open API that Evernote provides is one of the great things about the product and the company. Little gripes like mine ("wahh, I want plain text") are not really right for a thread that is titled, seemingly, based on concerns about Evernote's strategy. I don't share those concerns. (I) wound up here because that particular functionality came up earlier in the thread.

    Me too!

    How exactly would you like to use plain text alongside rich text in Evernote? Am I missing your point?

    How about a third paste shortcut (paste = with formatting, paste without = match formatting, paste as plaintext), which wraps the content in a 'capsule' which simply interprets the tabs and newlines in the clipping?

    How about faintly outlining that capsule to allow a user to see its bounds, and treat content within as sacred plaintext (which is still represented using CSS), so the underlying content would remain:

    "This is a test\n Another test, indented"

    Maybe this means that the plaintext content is rendered each time on-the-fly, rather than being converted to html?

    Is it naive to wish for something like the Wordpress interface? That offers me semantic markup / WYSIWYMean, and the CSS styles (which I'd like to style using user.css ). I bet it would convert to filesize saving for many users (my notes are riddled with <span> styling.

    Another thought:

    the way textedit.app works - a note is RTF or plaintext, no mix. That seems simple enough...

    • Step one - create a seperate doctype for plaintext
    • Step two - extend the journal linking function in EN so that a plaintext note could be displayed in an iframe inside a formatted note? Clicking on the iframe would switch to the original (seperate) plaintext note. Complete the edit there, hit the back button to see it in context again. That way, modes are not mixed.

    Mad ramblings? Wishful thinking? there seems to be a lot of energy around these questions, for which I'm grateful :)

    Cheers, Tim

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  7. I've migrated from Journler, and I miss its serious / stable formatting the most. I hope that EN will grow to accommodate some of my wish list!

    Some things I'd love to see develop:

    • real tab-stops (tab only enters five spaces). This kills me - I would previously:
      • enter a date, price, or key-combo then tab-tab, enter my note and would end up with a beautifully formatted key>value style list
      • (I can imagine how an approximation of this could be marked up in ENML using span tags)
      • the EN tables are no substitute (can't resize the cells, hide the border, add new rows with kb, etc)

      [*]features available even in this forum's text-area:

      • shift-enter for unbulleted newline / <br> within list
      • indenting paragraphs
      • clear-formatting button

      [*]WYSIWYMean CSS styles (ala Wordpress: Heading 1, Heading 2, Blockquote, etc) with a user CSS file I could edit (Many users would share their styles!)

      • (I prefer my BG colour to be other than white, and I'd love a more consistent solution than the mac Fonts panel.

      [*]I'd love to be able to hide the formatting bar, because I use kb shortcuts

      • (don't need buttons for snapshots/recordings/attachments - I drag content into the window)

      [*]a solution for the issues mentioned by JMichael re making default-formatted notes around formatted web clips

      [*]column selection mode: hold Alt whilst dragging. I can see how this would be difficult <sigh> :)

    I've tried to frame this in positive language - I hope you can hear my optimism. This is a wish list relevant to formatting in EN - I'll save other suggestions for more appropriate threads.

    Best Wishes! Tim

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