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  1. So Evernote doesn't automatically sync when I close it? Interesting. I thought it would have done that when the app's Close event is triggered. Ok, I'll make sure to do a sync before closing the app then. That was probably the source of all my problems. It would be nice if it was automatic though. It will be easy to forget. Thanks, Brian
  2. Hi BnF, I can see where if I don't sync then Evernote servers can get confused. But I only use one computer at a time. For example I'll turn on my Windows desktop computer, work on that project's note, then shutdown my computer. The next day I might turn on my Mac Book Air, make some changes, then close. I don't work on multiple computers at the same time. Then today I turn on my Windows laptop at the office and my note is completely gone! I was just working on it yesterday on my Windows desktop and all was fine. Where did it go? I have no idea. I understand that notes don't self-delete, but it was there yesterday when I shutdown my computer and today it's gone. :-( Tonight I'm going to disconnect my Windows desktop from the internet and load Evernote to make a backup of it before it can sync it out of extinction. Plus, there has been a couple times on my desktop where I had two copies of the same note. They are right next to each other (and not in the conflicted folder). One will be a few days old and the other has my latest changes. Don't these notes have unique IDs on the server and if it is my viewer twice, then I would think that each note has a different internal identifier. If there was a conflict, I would have that that it puts it in the Conflict folder instead of making a copy of it and showing them to my in my main viewer. I don't know. Brian
  3. I'm having the same problem. For the past couple of weeks, one particular (and important) note was not in sync on certain computers. I would re-sync but no luck. They were just different. It would also duplicate itself sometimes as well. Very odd behavior. Now I open my laptop and the note is completely gone! I really need this note and it's not in my deleted folder or anywhere. I'm going to go home tonight and disable internet for my desktop computer and open Evernote so that it can't re-sync and lose the data. Then I'll export to XML file and re-import it. SOOOO frustrating. I also upgraded to Premium today b/c they say that this will let me keep a history of all my notes. Then I'll be able to recover them when they self-delete. If that doesn't work I have tech support to holler at someone. It's sad that I have to be a Premium member just to use the app safely.
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