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  1. Thank you! I looked up Evernote shortcuts hoping for a quick easy way to close the window but didn't see the ESC option. That's all I needed. Problem solved.
  2. When I open a note in Evernote it opens in the lower right corner of my browser window. Because of this placement the X in the upper right corner of the note that allows me to close the note is hidden. This means if I want to close the note I have to "grab" the note, move it over to the left to be able to see the X and then click on it to close the note. Can anyone tell me how to change where the note opens up in my browser window so I can cut out the step of having to move the note before being able to close it. I have included a screen shot to give a visual of what I am talking about..
  3. I recently replaced my PC and in trying to install Evernote.exe to my computer so I can accesss from my task bar I keep getting the following error message: "Could not open Evernote database in “C:\Users\davek\Evernote\Database\bigwavedavek.exb” Error: CANT_CREATE_TABLE Please verify that the path is accessible and try again." I have deleted the Evernote folder in programs and re-downloaded but I can't install and continue to get the same message. I've attached my activity log in case that might help. Thanks in advance ffor any help someone might provide . . . Evernote_6.6.4.5512_20170908.log
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