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  1. I wanted to go down to a single notebook, since everything in my implementation receives at least one tag I created a saved search called "INBOX" with the following criteria: -tag:* In the morning when I do my quick daily review I just click on the INBOX link I dragged to my shortcut bar, process the accumulated notes and off I go. I wanted originally to auto-tag new notes with "inbox" but there seemed no way to do it. In the end I am liking how it worked out
  2. Correct, consistent behaviour of bullet lists, especially when pasting and nesting them. (windows) Better implementation of editing long notes on Android tablet (maybe iOS too, I don't know) That wierd split screen edit box thing is crazy frustrating. Consistent behaviour of the tagging box, it does not consistently autofill the tag when you start typing so I frequently create new tags that are parts of existing tags.(windows) So not new features, just fixing/modifying existing ones.
  3. I wondered if I wanted to extend the who, what , where structure with a .why but it is an extra tagging step that, so far for me, hasn't been needed. If I need to state a "why" it becomes part of the note "do such and such a thing so that this matches that" no need to go through an extra tag step.
  4. I have based my En + GTD system on TSW (The Secret Weapon) and am very happy with the result. In support of Grumpy I have simplified the structure a bit. (Just one Notebook) but the who, what, where, when format makes good sense to me. I have spent some time on their forum and can say that A) I hate their forum software, but They just want to share what is working for them as a group. The majority of their company uses the system. EN + GTD is intensely personal, any pre-made structure you pick up needs modifications to "work for you". I started with Dan Gold's structure, found TSW and now I have a hybrid design that I really like. I would love to see TSW gain some traction and become popular because it deserves it. Don't worry, nothing fishey going on they just love the system.
  5. I love the idea of no tags, not a lot of notebooks but for me, I don't want to type that much. Especially when on my tablet or phone. This is where tags help a lot.
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