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  1. What do you think will be fed to that API? ... Data! That is run through Google's computers. That's the whole issue. And everyone should make his/her own opinion/judgement. "There is no cloud, just other people's computers."
  2. The alternative would have been Microsoft with their Azure and OneNote offerings. I wonder why they did not choose Amazon over companies with a competitive product.
  3. I am already aware of that. So basically your answer to my question is "no". Any note synced to your servers is (presumably) sent over an encrypted connection but stored unencrypted. In a sense that Evernote employees (and) others would be able to read it. I do understand that this would be necessary to be able to do full text indexing etc. but to me it is important to be clear on this one. Technically you AND Google would be able to acces our data.
  4. I am wondering. Does Evernote do client side encryption? And do you, therefor, have a zero-knowledge architecture?
  5. I agree that without any visual feedback this would be difficult to achieve properly. However, a solution would be to hook into some default Safari features. For example: if I use the Reading List function I am able to see the clean article as provided by Apple. Using the Share extension from there could perhaps be possible. (Currently I can email the simplified article to my Evernote email address. But this workflow will not work for Free users.) Another example: if I use the Workflowapp on my iPad, I can use the "Get Contents Of Url" instead of the `'Get Contens of Web Page". Web Page will get the full HTML, but of URL will only get stripped rich text. Hope this is of help.
  6. I would like to have a switch in the sharing extension for iOS that allows me to not only save a full web page but optionally the cleaned up version of that page instead. Just like the way you can save only the content of an article in the Mac browser extensions and not the litter (mostly ads or comments).
  7. Thanks for your reply. I will compare Chrome to Firefox on my Mac, but it will effectively not be of use for the Chromebook. I have already issued a support ticket w/ Evernote, but did not get any response yet.
  8. I have been trying the web beta on and off on my Chromebook. I really want to like it, but I can't. Whenever I open the web beta (by directly logging in the the website or using the Chrome Web Store app shortcut) it takes ages to show the web application. I have over 5500 notes in my account, varying from clipped web pages to PDF's and actual notes. I have already tried clearing the cache, removing cookies, rebooting the device etc. but nothing seems to improve speeding up the load. This way it becomes unusable. I would like Evernote to become ubiquious, but this way that will never succeed.
  9. I have been using nested tags for some time now to organize my notes. For example I have a 'root' tag called "people" under which I have nested "the wife", "the kid", "the boss" And I have a root tag called 'employers' under which I have tags for my current and former employers. This enables me to link notes across notebooks. In Evernote 6 for Mac non-MAS (I have tested this with first 6.0.2 and now 6.0.5) I can no longer nest new tags. And I cannot unnest my tags. Hope EN will fix this in a future release (soon).
  10. BTW, the current web beta does support some offline editing. I can even create 1 (one) new note while offline. This sounds promising, but is not full support.
  11. And I am specifically asking for use with ChromeOS/Chromebook.
  12. I have tried this and it works. I had not been using the web beta for some time (didn't trust it with my thougts). I guess this feature must have been added recently.
  13. It says Rendered by Radaee PDF SDK. See attached screenshot or follow link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3fCSjPrzrmbdWNJalluaUNldms/view?usp=sharing
  14. Every time I open a pdf from the ChromeOS version 5.9.2 app, a watermark is printed through the pages. Someone didn't buy their licences in time... Come on guys, this is unprofessional. Has been for over a month. Please fix asap.
  15. I am continuously experiencing crashes of the ChromeOS app version 5.9.2 while syncing my notes (every app launch). This does not really make me use the app. I could be getting to like it, since it should support offline access to notes. But with all these crashes, I don't trust it with my thoughts.
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