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  1. This was a known problem, at least for me , a year or two ago. Then it disappeared. It is now back on iOS 12 and latest couple of EN versions. Extremely bad security. As a former programmer, this should be an easy and consistent fix. Come on Evernote.
  2. I’ve had it happen many, many times. TouchID will work but for some of us, fingerprints are inconsistent. Apparently older users have less well defined prints. Sometimes closing and re-opening EN works.
  3. I had to upgrade Evernote on my iPhone to get this to work. Can you alphabetize the templates? They come up in a haphard manner. Maybe the order I added them?
  4. gazumped, I'm on Mac OS 10.12, Evernote Version 7.0.2, using Apply mail. After searching I found other threads about this going back many years. Seems like it should be an easy fix for Evernote. I'll use the Forward work around. It's just so much easier to BCC to ensure getting it into Evernote WHEN you are sending the email. gazumped and CalS, Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I have the activity log open and it is going crazy. Appreciate the help.
  6. Any info from evernote on this? I am doing a full index rebuild and there is no visible sign of progress or if it is still progressing. It cannot find a note that is clearly visible. I copied a string of text from it to use in the search box so I know there aren't any errors there. gazumped, how did you know it was finished after 11 hours? Did you see progress? Thanks.
  7. Thank you for these tips DTLow. I've been having problems seeing all my documents on Evernote on my Mac and the searching was horrific. I often had to search on my iPhone to find a document. I triggered a full re-sync as you suggested. It didn't appear to make any changes but then I triggered a full index rebuild. That did the trick. I can now see ALL of my notes, over 10,000. I have no idea why they weren't showing up but these steps or at least the second one fixed it for me on my Mac. I appreciate your help. Does anyone know how you can tell if the search rebuild is still processing? I can see my notes but the search is still not working completely. I went to a note from 2011 and copied text directly from it and put it in the search bar and it still did NOT show up in the search results.
  8. I can't believe this hasn't been implemented. The two step process is a pain and could be forgotten. Certainly wastes time. I've been a user since 2011 so I have years worth of BCC emails that are incomplete because I never had a need to look back at them and see that key data was missing.
  9. I can't believe this is still a problem FOUR years later. Evernote is supposed to be our filing cabinet where we can store all critical information to have available at our fingertips. Can we at least find out why it is a problem and why it can't be implemented?
  10. I frequently BCC evernote with important emails to keep a record. Recently, the imported note loses ALL header info. It only includes the subject line as the title and the body of the email as the body of the note. Obviously, this is not all the information I need. I must have a complete record of the email info: names and email addresses from the TO, CC, Date, Time, etc. This is critical to recording keeping. Without it, Evernote is useless for this purpose. If I forward an email to Evernote, all the data arrives complete, just as it use to do when BCC. I think this would be independent of the apps I use since it is coming from an email client into Evernote. The notes are the same whether viewed on my iPhone, iMac or via Web. The key data is missing in all cases. Please Evernote, fix this! It is vital.
  11. Has the print margins issue been resolved for Mac? I'm on El Capitan, EN 6.6.1, and still can't find a way to reduce the 1" margins. I hate wasting space when printing.
  12. I've complained about this before and it is still not working. I agree with earlier posters that this HAS TO BE A PRIORITY to EN. It seems to unlock whenever the app is upgraded and randomly at other times. I'm on iOS 6 on my iPhone and iOS7 on my iPad and it happens on both devices.
  13. I found several threads about optimizing via the debug menu to speed up EN on windows. Now I'm curious as to the differences between Optimize and Reindex. Does Optimize do everything or should you try the other options in order to prevent the Not Responding issue that keeps occurring in the Windows version?
  14. This gave me the info on how to open EN on windows. Hope this helps. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/40769/use-evernote%E2%80%99s-secret-debug-menu-to-optimize-and-speed-up-searching/
  15. Running optimization right now. Interesting that in the Evernote window it says Not Responding but in the icon it shows a green progress bar. You would think the app window would give some indication of what was going on. Hope it helps. Thanks for the tips.
  16. I would love to be able to set any date I want on the iOS version. I can on windows but EN on iPad doesn't let me go far enough out. Any tips?
  17. So glad that I never install an update without checking this forum first. I hope they solve the problem quickly. Thanks for taking the time to post here, and not just do a support ticket. You saved me, and probably lots of others, mega time and headaches.
  18. I find the same issue. Tag changes do not get synced. I mentioned it in the following thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/58281-sync-errors-from-windows-to-web/#entry275547 I would really like to hear from EN about whether tag changes do trigger the sync flag. If so, something is off on the windows client.
  19. No. I made all the changes in the windows version. On after it didn't sync to the web after multiple attempts did I update the windows version, after backing up the exb file. The majority only appeared after I created the new notebook on the web version. This was after the windows version continually saying it was fully synced. which obviously it wasn't. Why would it take time for the windows client to know it has to update the changes? I can see it taking time, which it did after I created the new notebook on the web to actually do the sync. But the windows client should have known, instantly, that notes had been changed. I still have missing notes on the web version. Currently 5576 on web and 5644 (two of which are local only) on my windows client. One big question remains which I've seen questioned on various forum messages. Does EN windows mark a note as changed and needing to be synced if a tag was added, deleted or changed? The same for notebook? I would certainly think so but apparently something is causing my 1000+ notes to not be queued to sync. Thanks for all help and suggestions. Also, is there a way to see the total number of notes on the iPad or iPhone without having to look at each notebook and add them up? I could then compare and see what might be missing.
  20. Okay. The notes in the new notebook now appear in the web version but the newly named tags still do not appear. What can I do?
  21. Thanks for your tip on creating a new notebook. I didn't move a test note into it but did sync again from the windows program and it is working. For more details see: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/58281-sync-errors-from-windows-to-web/ I hope EN gets this fixed soon. We have to be able to trust EN to sync all changes.
  22. based on the advice from: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/58156-renamedmoved-notebooks-not-syncing/ I created a notebook in the web version with the same name as the new one on my PC. Then I synced again from the PC and it is populating the new notebook. This has to be some type of error if it is happening to more than just me. Do I have to check note counts to see if the data is being synced correctly? that is crazy. I need to know, with certainty, that everything I add or change in Evernote on every platform is properly synching to each other.
  23. I moved 1450 notes from various folders to a newly created notebook on my windows evernote. at the time i was running EN the newly created notebook has not synced to the web. The web version only has 4397 notes and the PC has 5637. I also did a lot of housekeeping on tags and only a few of the changes showed up on the web. It looks like every note that is in this new notebook and all the tags of those notes are not showing up on the web version. This is in spite of the fact that EN windows says the sync was completed successfully. though the sync dot is still present I tried it multiple times and closed and opened the program in the process. I also closed chrome and re-opened it to make sure I had the latest view of the web version. the changes are also not appearing on my iPad. I then downloaded the latest EN 5.31 (271363) and completed a "successful" sync but nothing changed in the web version. I also tried editing the body of two of the missing notes and that did not force a sync on those notes either even though the note date updated was correct. Apparently, the note date updated DOES NOT change when tags or notebooks are edited. Is this correct? Does that seem like the way it should work? The windows version, thankfully, still has all the data but how can I get it to propagate to the web and my iPad and iPhone? I need this data. And yes, in recent weeks I did have a few notes where the sync dot was not removed even though the data went through. This was mentioned on a previous thread but it didn't concern me since the data went through. This is clearly different. Data has been removed from the web version and that is not acceptable. BTW, i have a premium account if that makes a difference. Thanks for any and all help.
  24. Same problem here. 5400 notes 6.3GB. Premium user with a couple of shared notebooks. Very slow since the update. My iPad, which I've loaded all the notes on, runs so much faster. The sync is SO SLOW on windows - even when I've only changed a few text only notes. And I hate that they removed the sync progress bar in the lower right corner. Crazy!
  25. I agree. I really liked the sync status/progress at the bottom. Please add it back.
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