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  1. This was a known problem, at least for me , a year or two ago. Then it disappeared. It is now back on iOS 12 and latest couple of EN versions. Extremely bad security. As a former programmer, this should be an easy and consistent fix. Come on Evernote.
  2. I’ve had it happen many, many times. TouchID will work but for some of us, fingerprints are inconsistent. Apparently older users have less well defined prints. Sometimes closing and re-opening EN works.
  3. I had to upgrade Evernote on my iPhone to get this to work. Can you alphabetize the templates? They come up in a haphard manner. Maybe the order I added them?
  4. gazumped, I'm on Mac OS 10.12, Evernote Version 7.0.2, using Apply mail. After searching I found other threads about this going back many years. Seems like it should be an easy fix for Evernote. I'll use the Forward work around. It's just so much easier to BCC to ensure getting it into Evernote WHEN you are sending the email. gazumped and CalS, Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I have the activity log open and it is going crazy. Appreciate the help.
  6. Any info from evernote on this? I am doing a full index rebuild and there is no visible sign of progress or if it is still progressing. It cannot find a note that is clearly visible. I copied a string of text from it to use in the search box so I know there aren't any errors there. gazumped, how did you know it was finished after 11 hours? Did you see progress? Thanks.
  7. Thank you for these tips DTLow. I've been having problems seeing all my documents on Evernote on my Mac and the searching was horrific. I often had to search on my iPhone to find a document. I triggered a full re-sync as you suggested. It didn't appear to make any changes but then I triggered a full index rebuild. That did the trick. I can now see ALL of my notes, over 10,000. I have no idea why they weren't showing up but these steps or at least the second one fixed it for me on my Mac. I appreciate your help. Does anyone know how you can tell if the search rebuild is still processing? I can see my notes but the search is still not working completely. I went to a note from 2011 and copied text directly from it and put it in the search bar and it still did NOT show up in the search results.
  8. I can't believe this hasn't been implemented. The two step process is a pain and could be forgotten. Certainly wastes time. I've been a user since 2011 so I have years worth of BCC emails that are incomplete because I never had a need to look back at them and see that key data was missing.
  9. I can't believe this is still a problem FOUR years later. Evernote is supposed to be our filing cabinet where we can store all critical information to have available at our fingertips. Can we at least find out why it is a problem and why it can't be implemented?
  10. I frequently BCC evernote with important emails to keep a record. Recently, the imported note loses ALL header info. It only includes the subject line as the title and the body of the email as the body of the note. Obviously, this is not all the information I need. I must have a complete record of the email info: names and email addresses from the TO, CC, Date, Time, etc. This is critical to recording keeping. Without it, Evernote is useless for this purpose. If I forward an email to Evernote, all the data arrives complete, just as it use to do when BCC. I think this would be independent of the apps I use since it is coming from an email client into Evernote. The notes are the same whether viewed on my iPhone, iMac or via Web. The key data is missing in all cases. Please Evernote, fix this! It is vital.
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