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  1. Thanks for the fairly comprehensive and reasoned response @PinkElephant! Of course, I can see all that on one level. But, as an Evernote customer wanting the best user experience wherever I use it, the Android desktop mode via Dex falls well short of that. And it is extremely frustrating when I have as much or more power and storage in my phone as a lot of people have in their laptops. At least if the UX becomes more consistent across Android / Android over Dex / Windows that would be some improvement. Even so, I assume that Evernote has very impressive developer resource to call on and being ahead of the curve in implementing Dex / Android desktop mode might actually prove to be a good thing. The one small grain of comfort I take from this is that Apple users are no better served that us Android users - because if that happens I'll be gone!
  2. I'm disappointed that I'm the first person to 'upvote' this idea! With the NexDock 2 now available, and Google very likely to have a functioning desktop mode in Android 11, it is time that Evernote made the Android app compatible.
  3. *UPDATE* following bug fix release 2013-11-06: The bugs I found so unacceptable have now been fixed - Penultimate works as expected. It's nowhere near as powerful or flexible as Notability but perhaps over time Evernote will build up functionality. I use the old Adonit Jot Pro and that works pretty well. The way wrist protection is implemented is quite impressive and makes note-taking that bit easier. I can't report on how the Adonit Jot Script performs as there is no way I afford $75 for a stylus. It is slightly off topic but I find the pricing of the new Evernote-branded items such as the Jot Script a worrying indication of where the company may be going. It looks like it is a beautifully designed tool and I know from the Jot Pro that Adonit's quality of manufacturing is very high so I am sure it is a delight to use, but it's not going to change the way the majority of us work with Evernote at that price. (Unless that's just a UK perspective ).
  4. Hey Evernote - any reaction to the increasing body of evidence about this critical bug in Penultimate? All - I highly recommend Notability as a very smooth, powerful alternative to Penultimate, until Evernote get round to fixing this. (There is a risk that you like it so much you don't come back to Penultimate of course... )
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