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  1. I think it's this latest update that opens notes slowly (it used to be near instant open) and in "View Only" mode. Very, very bad. PLEASE get this fixed promptly. EN was great years ago when it was FAST. I also miss an explicit 'Sync' button, which gave me confidence my quick update was safely stored. I'll give this situation a couple weeks, and then I'll start looking for something else to fill the function EN used to fill. So sad ... EN was a friend for years. Perhaps it's time to move on(?).
  2. I'm suffering from this same @#)O$& "View Only" annoyance. I don't mind paying a fee to use an app like this, but it has to work! If EN can't help itself with systemic creeping feature bloat, I suggest EN have its developers work on "improving" some other product or at least make it easy to roll back to an earlier version. I'm running the latest EN on Android and Windows.
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