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  1. OK, I just created an Evernote entry and I titled the note “This is a Public Link Test” when I copy the link from the picture above here’s what it looks like when I paste that link: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s264/sh/e9b35b91-5384-84a1-0287-aaf0f101bd3b/9d2f27efa2cd5313d9c27cccf5487c31 what I would like to figure out how to do again is for the link to look like this: This is a Public Link Test
  2. Give me a minute to Try and think of the best way to describe this
  3. Thanks for responding! — IOS — The public link works but it’s the name of the link that I cannot get to work. — see pic.
  4. I use public links quite a bit. Earlier this calendar year oh I stumbled upon a really cool feature that allows me to have such public links named the same as the Evernote entry as opposed to the longer public link name with various characters of numbers etc. I recently cleaned up some files on my phone to enable automatic updates to certain apps. My Evernote app was updated and now the way that I used to create public links that had a name title equivalent to the Evernote title name no longer works. Has that option been eliminated or is it a user error on my part? thanks! dave
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