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  1. That is what I am doing now to get the notes to them. I have a laptop as well that I can do this with. I guess my goal is more convenience. When I go into the locations to do a visit, I often only bring in my tablet. It is easier than lugging in the laptop bag and other stuff. When I am done recapping with the manager, it would be nice to be able to simply export the notes, email them to the location and leave. Now, I either have to go back out and get the laptop, fire it up, open evernote, print the note to pdf, and then email. Or wait several hours until I get home. That just takes awa
  2. For work, I use my tablet with Evernote to take notes as I visit locations I am in charge of. When done, I would like to export the note to a pdf so that I can email it to them. I know Evernote has an email function. This will not work for me as the corporate email system only allows emails from internal addresses. I have to email the note to my gmail account, then forward it to my work account and then forward to the location. That is too much work. I have tried Urltopdf, but the page is blank. I have tried "read it later", which the note shows up in, but when I try to export from there,
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