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  1. Yes, I ask their customer service and this problem they are now working to fix it, here is Evernote response: I would like to thank you for providing a screenshot of the issue. When I checked the screenshot that you’ve sent, I saw that this is a known issue and our technical team is working on a fix for this issue. I hope for your patience and understanding, we will let you know once this issue has been resolved.
  2. Hi, I fond Evernote will create the same note automatically sometimes, how to prevent it to happen? thanks.
  3. As title, sometimes using evernote for a while, the Shortcut key Ctrl+Z(Recovery) will fail, please help, thanks.
  4. As the image below, the name show in evernote is all the same, I can't recognize what is the exact file I want to open, please help, thank you. 🙂
  5. As title, the function about hyperlink to computer internal file is unavailable, this function is important for me, please recover this function, thanks.
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