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  1. Thank you for the advice Jeff! Unfortunately, it seems that the program just uses the discrete GPU until I quit the program completely. Hopefully this is solved soon.
  2. Evernote uses the discrete GPU whenever it is open. It returns back to the integrated graphics when I quit Evernote.
  3. Hey guys! Love using evernote and it's a great tool for classes. One of the great things about having Evernote and a MacBook Pro is that it's really great to be able to take notes in a setting where I'm running around between classes all day. With the latest Evernote for Mac update I've noticed that Evernote is using the discrete GPU again. This only happened before when I used the full screen function but now every time Evernote starts it uses the discrete GPU. The Macbook's battery life decreases by a few hours and I've tried not opening other programs and it is Evernote that is causing the battery drain. Has anyone else had this problem with Evernote and is there anything I can do about it?
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