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  1. I would like an Evernote Add-on for Gmail that functions just like Google Keep, meaning that my Evernote notes would appear in the collapsible right side panel in the Gmail. Annotated screenshot here: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABjhhGBwxDxBj48HNK_nHZdsXeUe3hUxpgQ
  2. Thanks @gazumped! I"ll check into each of those further. MohioMaps looks very cool even if it doesn't solve my feature request issue.
  3. When I just use tags, the search result may bring up more Notes than I'm actually looking for. I might have to comb the search results to find just the notes I need. Creating a tag called "Saved Group 1" would limit the results. But, then I would still need to click to open each note individually. Maybe a feature where you can choose to *Open all in search* ? For the project you see the group of notes for in my attached image, the notes have a lot of interplay. I want to spread them across my screen and work on them dynamically. Think of this like you would for a Save Tab Groups extension in your browser. I save tab groups related to whichever project I'm working on.
  4. I would really love to be able to define and then open a group of notes all at once. I'm not talking about opening all the notes in a Notebook. EXAMPLE: I may have a Notebook for Client A, for which I'm working on Project 14. I want to be able to define and save a group for all the notes related to that project, Then, I would like to open all the notes related to project 14 at one time -- from a Notes Group feature on the side navigation menu, or from (File/Open Note Group/List of Saved Note Groups). When that project is complete for that client, I could delete the saved group(but not the notes).
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