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  1. great! thanks JM, I cannot believe I didn't work this out before. that lonely Return key sitting all the way over there on the end of the keyboard. I really should pay it more attention.
  2. When adding a new note, I want to be able to click in the tags field with the mouse, start typing a tag, accept one of the autocomplete tags and then start typing the next tag. Currently, to accept an autocompete tag I press the tab key. This however take the focus away from the tags field so I have to use the mouse to click the tag field again before typing the next tag. This slows up the process of quickly adding a note. Does anyone know how to keep the focus on the tag field after accepting an autocompleted tag? And is there a keyboard shortcut to take you straight to the tags field of a note? Thanks Evernote Mac client Version 3.0.6 (221382)
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