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  1. First off, thank you EN for implementing Tasks, I have been waiting for this! I have been adding a lot of simple tasks/to-dos within a project management Notebook for an event I am managing, and love to be in a Note and with one simple click I can add a to-do, and they do come up OFTEN. One problem though is that all the Tasks are aligned all the way to the left, and it interferes with the flow of the Note when I'm reviewing it. For example, one of the Notes is for teh event website, and I have a highlighted section for each subpage. Each comment or bit of information is indented once, and anything pertaining to that is indented once more, and so on. If I insert a Task under a section that is indented twice, for example, the Task is all the way to the left, and breaks up the look of the Note, making it difficult to get a feel for where each Task lies. Being able to indent Tasks would be very helpful. I am open to any suggestions for a work around, or if it actually does exist somehow. Thanks! Scott
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